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Why you love this game?

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  • Why you love this game?

    Im asking, 'cos i paid for game after serveral weeks of playing and wondering why they got me?

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    I don't think I love this game...I do enjoy it and given myself a goal to reach in the coming months. I can't make much sense over some of the methods why I can/ can't fight above one red skull bases...or the fact I'm mainly attacking two/three white skull bases and those bases are seemly getting a little more enjoyable. I do spend money on the game...mainly to have all the cool stuff the game has to offer currently.


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      It is a simple game that is easy to get into and has a ton of depth.

      The best part of the game is that it is endless in design, but instead of taking on procedurally generated bases, you get to take on actual player created bases. Bases that get continually more challenging as you continue to play and improve in the game.
      • Bases that love putting very frustrating Sniper Towers that can hit your troops while they can't / don't fight back.
      • Bases that put walls that make your troops lose their minds and walk around in circles or certainly not where you might want them to go.
      • Bases that put decoy structures to the side around a rock or set of walls that your troops focus on as the most important thing to destroy first while ignoring all the enemy troops slaughtering them.
      • Bases that use weirdly placed walls or even just Tank Traps that prevent your troops from taking paths
      • Bases that excel at wasting your Focus Fire cards because your troops just get confused and try to find a better firing spot instead of following instruction and start firing.
      Lastly, the game is actively in development and continues to be refined and improved and tweaked.
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        Decent game. 1st season of AB was a blast. Now certain players/clans decided to use alt account to get easy wins. AB are ruined for me. I still like the game but if AB alt accounts cheating isnt fixed soon I most like won't play anymore.


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          For me it’s a fun simplistic game which gives false yet pleasant sense of some achievement when it pops „victory” and card rewards. On lower difficulty levels it doesn’t require you to do much thinking which goes well with my play style haha (I’m often drunk and high). I used to like this game much much more back in the day when we could close our bases and thus limit specials supply to the attacker. Nowadays I sometimes see my base getting raped with 10 decoys and 10 gas +10 3 star vets which honestly kills all the fun of defending for me. I’m also not participating in AB because I hate unfair gameplay (alt accounts, paying with gold, unequal build points limit for 50+ players – there is a principal involved mkay). All in all I’ve spent totally around 50 euros on this game and I don’t regret it, but I don’t see myself paying anymore until this game gets me again the way it did at first, if ever again.


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            Love and Hate! i see...


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              It is a love and hate relationship. It is one of those games that certainly frustrate the living crap out of you. Once you get to the top and still climbing it's nice though and can't wait for the devs to fix bugs and give EVERYONE fair share of AA cannons and build points. The devs have alot of work to do and it seems they are still far in goals. But for gameplay love attacking basses and defending is so much fun watching a reply you just decimate someone.