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Truck driver is STILL suicidal :/

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  • Truck driver is STILL suicidal :/

    Hey devs, I know this has been a longstanding issue, and you've made some progress toward fixing it, but can you please, please, please have the truck's forward progress stop before it's within range of defending troops/structures, specifically snipers and towers?? Maybe even stop by twice the range, since the defenders' bullets fly considerably farther than their range?

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    Totally agree it ruins the game at higher level bases. The problem with your solution is that it wI'll bring back the days of wrapped structures where the truck wouldn't progress far enough and ot would take forever to get troop support to arrive in the hot zone.

    The only solutions I see have been suggested time and time again.
    1. Make sniper shots only go through 1 target. Or make it so each shot loses the amount of damage to the next target as it took from the first target.
    2. Make sniper shots from towers not damage the truck. This would partially fix the issue.
    3. Nerf snipers.
    4. nerf vets, which ruined the game when they were introduced. I personally think you should only be able to have 1 or 2 of each vet, and they can only be true hero units. People would really have to reevaluate their bases.
    5. Give us control of the truck.

    The devs won't do any of these for one or both of 2 reasons.
    1. These cheap bases only affect the top levels mainly. High level bases have high level players who are probably done spending real money on the game. High level players can terrorize lower levels, discouraging the newer players from playing, and thus the newbies don't spend real money.
    2. The devs don't know how to program the fixes. This game has been live almost 2 years, and they still have crashes, glitches, and inconveniences built in. They make cosmetic changes only to have to patch the game right away as every change they make seems to make bigger issues like crashing, loading, in game problems like bullets hitting your own riot shield, etc.

    If I had to guess, I'd say these changes will never be implemented for both reasons. They want money and they aren't good programmers. They made a fantastic game, but they don't know how to keep it going. In real life terms, they won the lottery and bought an expensive house with all the money, and everyone loved to party there. Now, 2 years later they realize they can't afford to pay the utilities, nor do they know how to fix any issues that come with home ownership.
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      I agree with your points. Another option would be to not allow sniper towers to be placed in the outer part of the base's area? And bullets need to be nerfed in general, I think. It's just mind-numbingly frustrating to repeatedly have your truck destroyed by distant sniper fire while you still have 1000's of muni's , plenty of troops, and just starting to expolre and develop an attack strategy. It's no wonder many high level players quit playing...since the gameplay experience just gets stupid.


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        im not saying it does not happen. but that never once happend to me im lvl 44, i fight bases with like 6,000 base power or higher i feel so bad for the people it happens to try to get them decoys that is what i use sometimes and it works. other times i use smoke still works


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          Mortars don't affect friendlies, barbed wire doesn't affect them either. All they need to do is program the truck to only take damage from HQ defend units. Only units coming out of the HQ should be able to destroy the truck, if a player runs out of munitions the truck can easily be destroyed by HQ units, same can be done with veterans, program the truck to only take damage from veterans coming out of HQ not the veterans that are chosen to take cover.


          • BlackOPS-SEAL4
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            thats a lot of work but they will get it right

          • fluteninja15
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            What about when their cover is destroyed and there is no other cover available? You would want them to attack the truck as they march forward. I understand where you are going with this idea but it would be a lot of work for the devs.