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Fairly new could use some help

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  • Fairly new could use some help

    Hi everyone! I just started playing this game and OMG I just cant stop playing it! Currently level 6. I have a few questions if i may, What are the red barrels for? I recieved a few but dont understand its purpose. Also, is there any point in building walls? And maybe my most important question, what is the most effective against enemy Bazooka soldiers? They are a serious Pain to kill.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I have a playlist of all the Guns Up! videos I have uploaded, from my day 1 to end of Alliance Wars Season 3. See the list which is in chronological order and watch a few to get better feel for it or just let yourself learn at your own pace.

    For your specific questions
    • What are red barrels for? They are explosive barrels for defensive use. Place them in a way that incoming attackers will get blown up. Don't put them near your own troops / structures.
    • Any point in building walls? The CPU Defend mode is basically like a Tower Defense game. The walls let you funnel incoming troops into concentrated defense spots
    • Most effective against Bazooka soldier? I think mix of cannon fodder supported by something long range (like Sniper, your own Rocketeer, etc). Alternatively, you can use the Decoy near the Rocketeer and let it destroy himself. Tear Gas can also help you shut them down long enough for your other troops to get close and finish him off.
    Good luck and welcome to Guns Up!
    Alliance: Helldivers
    YouTube Channel:


    • xChocoDaGreat
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      Thank you Sgt Cusman! Much appreciated! I will check it out on Youtube.

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    Bonus tip for you. Want free stuff? Join an alliance and earn free card packs! You get the free card packs after the season ends.


    • xChocoDaGreat
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      Thank you i didnt know that! I joined a alliance today but lost my dog tags (162) and now it keeps stuck on 0. Is this a bug?

    • SD-PEER81
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      @xChocoDaGreat...this is a known issue that the GU! team is currently looking into. It is mainly just a visual issue, if you reset the title it should show your correct DT count.