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Time for something unique

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  • Time for something unique

    I've played games for nearly 40 years. I've been in many Clans/Leagues and Alliances. I've never played a game that offered nothing unique as a reward for an 'Event'. After a certain level, Alliance rewards usefulness are negligible at best. It's long overdue that something unique should be offered as a reward for alliance members, that cannot be obtained by anyone simply playing the game while not in an Alliance. How about banner tops to show that your Alliance attained a certain rank, i.e. Purple for Legendary etc.

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    Good idea on Alliance Banner being able to decorate with one of their earned Alliance badges


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      I like your suggestion as well. Maybe paintjobs for structures would be an optuon. Some camouflaged buildings would be pretty cool or buildings marked with alliancelogos


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        Thanks for the feedback Spikey! I'll be sure to pass your suggestions along to the team.


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          How about for reaching 5k, 10k attacks/defends. Or for attacking/defeating certain amount of nightmares, or for succesfully defeating some of the top 25 PvP base defend bases? Something that shows what you have done on a banner in your base or as an exclusive decoration unlockable.


          • cusman
            cusman commented
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            How about special indicator for getting 100% of unit medals (including all Heroes)?

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          We could get a Grunt sidegrade for completing some missions. This Grunt sidegrade would be armed with automatic rifle that has low damage(20) and has 6.00 fire rate. All other stats would be the same as the normal grunts. Same low hp and cost. Also same Medals! Yeah woo?