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New Idea: Alliance Tasks + Alliance Improvements...

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  • New Idea: Alliance Tasks + Alliance Improvements...

    We all know about the alliance battle cheating nonsense which is going on.. so I feel no need to address that issue in this post.

    Currently, players are able to join an alliance. In an alliance, players can chat with each other and-during seasons- earn Alliance Battle Points (ABP) for their alliance, by attacking the bases of hostile alliance players.

    For the most part, the addition of alliances add no relatively new features to gameplay. You are still attacking your average bases, the only difference is that you are earning points for your alliance as a team. These points can then be cashed in for a reward, at the end of a season, which is given to all members of that alliance.

    Alliance Seasons do not occur often.. about 1-2 times a month... So I have a question for not only the general audience, but the developers as well..

    What else is there to do in-between the down-time, in an alliance?

    The Answer? Nothing. particularly interesting. You can talk in the rather shady text chats... or look at the amount of ABP you've earned last season, but other than that... there is not much, if anything.

    1) Cutting to my point here, I believe that there should be a New Feature, for alliances. I am calling them, "Alliance Tasks"... or "Quests"... There are Special Operations given to alliances during the down-time of seasons... being "alliance tasks", the members of an alliance will supposedly work together to accomplish these quests. Though there will be no penalties for not completing these quests, great rewards lie ahead for those that do.

    For example... Your alliance may be expected to find 100 Focus fire cards, or 1000 Attack Cards within a post season (the downtime in-between seasons). In Turn, your alliance may get exclusive content such as An Attack Card BP (something I'll talk about later), a Decoration, Munitions, ect....

    Attack Card BPs (Blue-prints) are Attack Cards which are NOT consumed... You can think of them as the equivalent of Ultra/Legendary Perks, in both value, and rarity. Somethings to point out: You can only use ONE Attack Card BP per slot.. Attack Card BPs are very rare. Attack Card BPs are max level versions of their non BP equivalents.

    2) Last Login Display/Online Indicator... - I'd love it if there was something to indicate how long its been since a person last logged in... I know said this before... but I feel that its worth suggesting again.
    It'd make it very easy to check for activity, for an alliance.
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    I'm digging your idea for Alliance tasks...sending this over to the team to take a look at.


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      Recomendo deixarem as alianças fechadas para evitar futuros problemas como esta tento nessa temporada..
      Donators e revezamento tira totalmente a disputa entre as equipes.

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    what did anyone else think of the alliance tasks?


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      I've seen many games have Alliance/Guild/Clan tasks, why not GU!

      for example:
      5000 Alliance points = a perk lvl 1 for every member,
      10000 points = a free battle
      15000 points = a free rare card pack
      20000 points = a free key, etc etc

      also between the down time some perks, attack cards etc for specific amount of dog tags.
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        Isso é interessante porque entre uma temporada e outra a minha aliança, nos preparamos com estratégias de combate procura de cartas. E melhoramento de defesa.