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Could we have different Grunt variants at some point? Some ideas inside!

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  • Could we have different Grunt variants at some point? Some ideas inside!

    I think we could have more Grunt variants that are more like sidegrades, so they would not be more stronger then the standard Grunt. These Grunt sidegrades have small differences in couple of their stats. You coulde unlock these Grunt variants by completing Grunt medals! Awesome don't you think? More options more choices. Or maybe you want to play with all the Grunts variants at the same time? No problem. It will just take you three unit slots. Put one of every type of Grunt in one of your three tents as well. The variants also look different. Grunt Operator looks like a modern age mercenary and the Grunt Marksman looks little bit like the normal Grunt, but it's uniform, base helmet and backpack are different.

    1. Standard Grunt - Standard stats. Has an Semi-auto rifle. 35 base damage, 20 range, 0.90 reload speed and 1.20 fire rate.

    2. Grunt Operator - Has an Automatic rifle. 15 base damage, 20 range, 1.20 reload speed and 6.00 fire rate.

    3. Grunt Marksman - Has an Bolt-action rifle with a bayonet attachment. 60 base damage, 21 range, 0.90 reload speed and 0.80 fire rate

    Reminder! These Grunt variants could be unlocked by completing some challenges, missions or by completing some of the normal Grunts Medals! This would give the players something to play for. Tell your opinion about the variants and maybe how they could be made even better!
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    I just do not see the point in this.. adding unit variations ruins the point of perks...

    Want a grunt with more damage? Use a damage perk. Want a grunt with more range? Use a range perk... Want a grunt with a higher rate of fire? use a rate of fire perk...

    My point? Perks already alllow a player to create their own "variants" of a grunt...

    One thing I would like to see is damage converters... for example... Poison shells.. which would deal small amounts of poison damage to units... Or piercing shells, which would go through multiple targets.


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      You know right? You can't achieve 6.00 firing speed with even the top level firing speed perk on Grunt. You should know that Perks are Minor buffs to your unit. These new Grunts are different in a way that you can't achieve with perks. So i will put it here shortly. The 3 perks you can put on your unit offer small benefits, even the ultra level perks.


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        I agree with Broken Arrow. Anyway, once you get to level 30+ you won't use Grunts at all. Perks offer enough variation.