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Base Veteran Placement 2 (Additional thoughts for GU developers)

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  • Base Veteran Placement 2 (Additional thoughts for GU developers)

    After thinking some more about the placement of veterans in our bases I came up with this.

    How about using the tank traps for placing veterans in our base? The tank trap covers 2 units so why not tie the veterans to those? It's not as though the tank trap does anything to stop the advancing truck, it drives right through them with no damage. We get 2 tank traps at the start of the game and as veterans become available they would naturally take cover at the trap pushing other units out. Just specify (from when a player gets their first veteran) that veterans will always seek cover at the tank traps and nowhere else. So if a player chooses to use the veteran take cover option in their base then they MUST use the tank traps otherwise this option will not be available for use. When a player gets a fifth, seventh or ninth veteran then another tank trap would become available, maxing out at 5 tank traps with the 10 veterans. In this way we (the defending player) could place the tank traps within a reasonable proximity to the main fort and the veterans would spawn at up to 5 different locations of our choosing at the start of the defend just like the other units would spawn at a sand bag placement. We would know exactly where the veterans would spawn instead of all the trial and error there is now in placing them.

    It would be nice if someone such from GU would respond so I don't feel as if writing this is a waste of time. Thank you.

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    Sorry, but I find this a very bad idea, we can already control veteran placement, you just have to think about it kind sir.


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      Unit placement isn't automatic you have to play with tent positioning to try to get it right. Vet placement is the same thing, you just have to spend some time figuring it out.


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        I don't think the game should force you to use certain items such as the tank trap. It gives the player a way to personalize their base. We would not want EVERYONE'S veterans to be behind tank traps, if they choose to have them behind cover. It takes time to figure how the game places everything. Once you figure it out though, you can have a great defending base.


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          I thank all of you for your comments on this idea. I personally have already figured out how to place the tents to move troops forward and I know about moving or positioning sand bags differently to get different veteran placement. Yes it was a lot of trial and error and guess work and if a sandbag is slightly moved it changes everything again. I just felt it would be less time consuming if a specific item (like the tank trap as in my example) was tied to the veteran for placement. 1 item per 2 veterans, click item, move to position click again and your done, no clustering of the vets in a single location. It's nice to hear others views on subjects whether they agree or not. Enjoy the game and have a blessed day!