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I figured it out! The devs accounts all use the sniper strategy!

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  • I figured it out! The devs accounts all use the sniper strategy!

    Think about it, the only way to move on sniper bases is take out anti air guns. The latest update INTENTIONALLY targets anti air guns LAST even to target father targets!

    They refuse to listen to our complaints about a defenseless truck, why? Really do I need to would hurt their bases!

    They don't improve the game for our benefit, it's for theirs.

    I will bet anyone that any dev account has no problem getting the hero perks they want. Do you really think any dev goes without volunteer or endless clip on any troop they want?

    Read this before it's taken down, because I make way to much sense if you think about it.

    That latest update became all to clear during this alliance battle, watching how hard it is kill an anti air gun.
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    Well, being developers they can give themselves anything they want it's their game after all. They have given free gold and free hero perks to people here on the forums myself included (got 500g thank you GU! ). But yes I have noticed that units will attempt to go after the AA instead of units firing at them and killing them. It's not just AA (they seem to favor them tho) but other structures too, specially the dumb Riot why would the Riot need to go hit the AA or mortar when it doesn't do any damage all while leaving the troops to take fire thus making him useless during attack. All this got worst after 2.91 update. Before update attack was way better.


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      THEY TARGET ANTI AIR LAST! Forever giving units cover. Why give air specials if your damn TROOPS NEVER SHOOT ANTI AIR! they can be 1 inch from a fricking AA gun and they will SHOOT bunkers, towers whatever at their max range almost as if they are protecting to than damn enemies anti air.


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        80% das minhas derrotas tem sido pela merda do caminhão. Só hoje foram umas três. É difícil não ficar nervoso vendo algo tão nítido sendo negligenciado a quase um ano. Depois, quando consertarem esta merda, daqui quem sabe uns seis ou mais meses, a solução deles será ridícula. Querem apostar quanto? O que mais me indigna é uma velha frase que alguns dos meus camaradas dos Immortals falam: Devs não jogam o próprio jogo. Qualquer jogador com o mínimo de bom senso sobre jogabilidade sabe que o que está acontecendo com este é muito escroto. Essa história de devs terem contas é muito conto de fadas. Se eles acham as reclamações que há meses estão sendo feitas irrelevantes, gostaria de propor o seguinte: DEVS AGAINST (REAL) NIGHTMARES - LIVE STREAM. Vocês aceitam? Aí eles nos mostrariam ao vivo o tão irrelevante tem sido as nossa frustrações sobre o caminhão.

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        80% of my losses have been through the shit truck. Only three days ago. It's hard not to be nervous seeing something so sharp being neglected for almost a year. Then when they fix this shit, maybe six or more months from now, their solution will be ridiculous. You wanna bet? What displeases me most is an old phrase that some of my comrades of the Immortals say: Devs do not play the game itself. Any player with the minimum of common sense about gameplay knows that what is happening with this is very scrotal. This story of devs having beads is very fairy tale. If they find the complaints that are being made irrelevant for months, I would like to propose the following: DEVS AGAINST (REAL) NIGHTMARES - LIVE STREAM. Do you accept? Then they would show us to live what so irrelevant our frustrations have been about the truck.


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          What a conspiracy theory Slinger_69 It has always been a mystery to me, why they do what they do, instead of paying more attention to criticism and wishes of the community. But one thing I’m sure of by now - they barely play this game themselves, if at all. If there is anything they are specifically interested in, is you, buying stuff with gold, which is understandable, that’s the business model of every FTP game.


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            😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 tem que melhorar o jogo, os desenvolvedores não estão nem aí. Parece que gostam de perde dinheiro.


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              The Guns Up! AI targeting in my view has improved drastically lately. They used to be super stupid about trying to take out some harmless structure around a bend while ignoring all the other targets shooting at them that they could return fire to. Things feel better now although I don't like when my Rally is not being obeyed as well as it used to.
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                On PC all of the units seem to first target everything else (even the HQ) and last the AA. So units>Structures>Anit-Air