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A few ideas to make lower and mid level play more fun

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  • A few ideas to make lower and mid level play more fun


    ​So here are some ideas to make the lower (1-15) and mid levels of the game (16-30) more fun, and speed up the learning curve a bit. They could also add to the higher level playability.

    Attack Rewards:
    ​1. Crates - make crates exchangeable for keys. 5 keys for the lowest level crate, 10 keys for the mid-tier crate, and 15 keys for the highest crate (thinking about how much time it requires to even unlock the lowest level crate via attacks looks to be weeks or months)...perhaps connect how well an attack victory was won (time, score, and units remaining, and such) with what crate(s) are rewarded
    ​2. Mini-objectives - in addition to the missions, there could be one or two mini-objectives in an attack (not every attack initiated) that ensures extra rewards such as a perk card or a valor point or even a lower-tier command card (another reward that is ultra-rare in contrast to how much is needed for promotion and what else it is they're for)
    [INDENT=2]​a. Mini-objective ideas: destroy 3 structures with 3 units or less, destroy all walls, destroy the HQ before half of all assets, etc. lots of ideas could be put in the game
    ​b. these objectives are optional, and at most frequent happen every 3 attacks[/INDENT]
    Revamp screens and add stats:
    1. ​Attack card selection interface - make the selection screen for attack cards the one where all attack cards are selected at the same time rather than select one and go back to the pre-attack loadout screen
    ​2. Unit selection in loadout screen and from base menu - streamline those screens too
    [INDENT=2]​a. instead of having to select each of (medals, perks, promote) and go to a different screen, place those options all at one screen, and have a side panel or other part-of-the-screen panel slide in / appear showing the next set of options and results of selections made displaying there as well
    ​b. please will you do something to make it go faster when selecting things? I don't know why, but it's slower than games that are much higher in graphic detail in their interfaces (it reminds me of playing doom or something with more advanced graphics on a 386 or 486 computer). I recognize it could be a server or bandwidth issue. But it's a free-to-play game, so it needs to be fast for lower-speed internet connections.
    ​c. update the sound effects for navigating through screens (could even make 1-3 different soundsets in main options)[/INDENT]
    ​3. Add a stat bar for speed in the units' stats display
    4. Add a stat bar/circle for defend respawn time in each unit's main stat display (especially with the lag it's a burden to go back to base construction mode to check their defend respawn times)
    ​Cards to modify or remove from game:
    ​1. Big Head Mode attack card - remove it from game. I don't know what it does, and I can't tell during an attack how it affects anything. Perhaps make it a level 1-5 only reward.
    ​2. Influenza - increase this to 20% health decrease, or if not that, then add another effect. Perhaps a decrease in enemy unit accuracy (15% at least).
    ​3. Tactical boots - Add an effect so it's not so strictly a roulette decision because of not being able to know whether the enemy has barbed wire. Perhaps stagger resistance +50%, or high chance of avoiding fire from fire bombs, flamers, etc.
    ​4. Tight formation - add ability to rank this card up (3 low levels for 1 higher level) for actual attack formations (V-shape, line/wall, circle, etc.), or instead of ranking it up, make several cards of it each with a different formation
    ​5. Damage - 10% is not much, and in fact is only useful when used with influenza and increased unit health. Remove it from game, or modify to make it more effective or rank-able.
    ​6. Tear Gas - this one works well lots of times, but it could be cooler if it had temporary effect of decreasing accuracy / range / speed each by at least 30% for several seconds at least as well
    ​7. Bombing Run - make the targeting of the bombs more targetable. Perhaps selecting among several different patterns when readying the card in-game (R1 / L1 buttons), or drawing a simple path with the analog stick when readying (e.g., prior to activation press R3 to start path draw, press R3 to stop path draw within its AOE)
    ​8. Increase the percentage of the accuracy/speed card, or remove it from game. Lots of those types of cards are too ineffective / barely noticeable, even in conjunction with other cards.

    While you're at it, why not update the graphics a bit? Enhance the animations, spruce up the menus and displays, add in some different uniform types, change the color scheme or allow for different color scheme in main options, and make some new loading screen graphics. Get rid of all tips in loading screens and elsewhere in-game. Severely minimize lag, loading, and speed up menu navigation. It'll all make a huge difference in how much the game is played and how fun it is for the better.

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    Thanks for the suggestions p! Keep 'em coming!


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      Ótimas idéias !!!!!!


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        recycling crates for 1/2/5 keys should be added to the game


        • cusman
          cusman commented
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          Sure, but without any change in the drop rate