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    More ideas for adding content, streamlining certain things, and making it more fun for being a free game.
    Increase effectiveness of bunkers
    [INDENT=2]​1. Bunkers are really difficult to place so that they maximize crowd control and don't get destroyed so easily. One way to improve from that is to give the units inside the bunker (the ones firing) a grenade or two every 5-8 seconds, perhaps increasing blast radius and damage a few points for every 3 levels starting at level 3 or 4 (1 grenade at a level 3 bunker, increase blast radius and damage at level 6, 2 grenades thrown in succession at level 9 or 10). Another idea would be to add a third unit for more shooting, whether it's an order given to a vet or a purchasable unit (perhaps for 500 m)
    ​2. Decrease the no-build zone surrounding the bunker when it's in place. With the size of the map, it's restricting and prohibitive of different strategies for defending
    ​3. Increase health more per level up of structures (200 or 300 instead of 100 in the higher levels)
    ​4. Increase range, and allow for modifying the coverage zone to a moderate extent (wider and narrower)
    ​Increase firing speed of sniper towers every 2 or 3 levels by a bit
    Make picking up munitions boxes during battles available while doing another action (e.g., using a missile, placing a rally flag, etc.)

    ​Add a reset base button to the build base screen, and an undo button that goes back at least a few steps

    ​Reduce cost of recruiting a few of the units by 1/3 or 1/2 (flamer, ranger, sergeant)

    ​Add another level to wall where one wall gets a sight slot for 2 or 3 gun-only units to shoot through (not snipers or chain gunners)

    ​New base trap idea: mudhole - a shallow, muddy (slippery mud) area that units slip around in (not like ice, but causes them to slip when aiming and shooting or causes certain units to avoid it by going around)

    ​New engineer ability: fire extinguisher - puts out fires on structures and in the field for units or when units are on fire

    ​Card pack idea: (costs munitions only, perhaps 30,000) - buys gold, dynamite, and 3 level 1 and/or 2 perks

    ​Reduce cost of common card pack to 20,000 munitions

    ​Attack card idea: increase accuracy of mortars (min. 30%)

    Improve truck: option to increase speed, designate a spot to park, enhance truck armor/health (attack card, an upgrade that comes with base upgrade, or purchase with valor)

    ​Map idea: storms - wind, rain, lightning/thunder, and hail...wind pushes units back / forward / sideways and spreads or puts out fire; rain makes ground muddy (slippery), puts out fire, and chance to lower range/accuracy; lightning distracts units depending where it strikes so if it strikes in front of units or to side they have a chance of avoiding that area of map for a time, and it also can strike units; hail damages units and structures (gradual if hail is small, more if hail is medium/large). Not every storm would have all these events, but the rarer one would.

    Any feedback / ideas / questions?

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    Muitas ideia ótimas, a da poça de lama e de extintores para os engenheiros seriam muito bem aproveitado.


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      it's restricting and prohibitive for a reason. isn't defending easy enough already without boosting all the structures?

      i do like the idea for a STOP/DRIVE button for the truck, a compromise to full driving control.
      also agree we desperately need more game maps and weather.


      • Maus_1908
        Maus_1908 commented
        Editing a comment
        Stop/drive would be amazing, and if they have extra time maybe have the ability to change the character on your truck. But defenitely stop/drive easy solution

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      Stop / Drive button for Truck would solve a really complex problem in a simple way.
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        With some of the other ideas that have been suggested for attack, defending wouldn't be as easy...not to say that it is too easy now. It's actually quite difficult, and I think it has too much of a poker game type of basis where luck of the draw and highest card wins out over tactics and strategies. If that was lessened a bit, I think the game would be more rewarding.


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          I like the engineer putting out the fires and then repairing. Wouldn't it be nice if the engineer actually stopped moving once he encountered something that needed repairing and stayed there until it was back at 100% before moving on? 1 - 2 seconds of repair is worthless. Pretty much any addiiton to the engineer would be a good thing.

          I think a stop/delay feature for the truck would be good but after a certain amount of time (?) the truck should continue forward on it's own. Maybe, as the truck takes damage, it moves slower until it"s hits (?%) damage then it stops moving completely until repaired?

          Adding perks to the transport truck and all defensive structures would be a great addition to the game. Placing specific units in the defensive structures would be cool also, (i.e., you could change a machine gunner bunker into a flamer bunker or chemist bunker).