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CPU defence for 1666.41 minutes

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  • CPU defence for 1666.41 minutes

    Looking at the leaderboards right now, there's two guys lvl 12 and 10 who both have managed to survive for this long

    How on earth?

    I'm at lvl 13 right now, and I barely break 12 minutes of carnage

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    The top cpu players on leaderboard use glitches that exist from time to time, the game is unbeatable after a while, for any base. Also 12 mins on 13 is not bad.


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      Must be cheaters.

      On my PSN Level 45+ account, I have legit gotten up to 80 something minutes and the game starts sending super troops with amped up health and damage that totally annihilate your base.
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        never been beyond 60min without a blue screen crash, every soldier being frozen in place or the game running at 1fps


        • Bartek2468
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          Yep. It’s usually totally messed up above 40-50 minutes.. Soldiers stop moving, stop spawning, phase through rocks, walk backwards at 3x speed etc. It becomes a haunted house

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        K, thnx guys, I kinda figured it had to be some kinda glitch to survive that long