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Looks like a Steam player has hacked the CPU Defense!

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  • Looks like a Steam player has hacked the CPU Defense!

    Suddenly filipCZ has gone from less than 9 minutes last week to ....... more than 277 hours!!!! Yup! Eleven and a half days!
    Something in the back of my mind is making me a little suspicious that this may not have been achieved fairly!

    Perhaps the Devs could look into it, and nuke that time off the leader board.
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    And it looks like they've got the PVP Defense hacked as well!

    I average under 50 dog tags per successful PVP defense.
    These guys appear to be getting closer to 500!


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      And the top Steam player on PVP Attack is getting nearly 3000 dog tags per successful attack!!!


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        It wouldn't be too difficult to write a few queries that highlighted those players that are cheating.
        I wonder why the Devs don't do that.


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          Most of us working on the game don't have time to come onto the boards very often and dispel all of the incorrect assumptions (there are MANY even among frequent contributors and moderators) that get posted online, but allow me to dispel this one. Cheating is tracked and dealt with on a regular basis in multiple ways, but it is not something that is likely to happen in real time anytime soon. There have been a number of bans already and more are always on deck of course.


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            Thanks for the response.
            I shall sit back and await the ban hammer!

            This all came about because I'm mounting another attempt on the CPU Defend record, and when I checked the leader board I was surprised to see 277 hours as the leader.


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              Once again my CPU Defend blue screened on me after more than 12 hours!
              I will manage to get one to go the distance ....... eventually!


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                I was grabbing screenshots every once in a while, and here is the last one I took before it blue screened me!

                I think I might have to give up on that number 1 slot, and just accept a nice top 10 position.


                • SD-PEER81
                  SD-PEER81 commented
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                  How long were you able to make it this time?

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                Dang, that no. 1 spot must really mean something. I can barely sit thru 30 minutes or a wave defend. Can’t imagine myself doing more than one hours.


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                  Gonna have another go at it next week, once the current the current season has finished.
                  I've noticed that it seems to crash more often at around midnight. Though that may just be selection bias on my part!
                  So I'm gonna set it going just after midnight, and then see if it keeps going through the day.

                  If your base is set right then you can wander off and do things, like the 'W' word!
                  And I'm only after the No. 1 spot .... cos it's there!
                  My habit with games is always to try to understand the mechanics and figure out how to get the best from the game. So I got into CPU Defend early as a challenge to be completed. Doing that taught me a LOT about base design, and that ended up giving me a base that had a 43 defense win streak!
                  My base will last 90ish minutes completely hands free .... until the super-soldiers turn up that is! After that things are a little different.