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Attack Strategies (Timing of Deployment)

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  • Attack Strategies (Timing of Deployment)

    Does anyone have any good suggestion for the timing of troop deployment. I use the first four units you can get in the game (Grunt, Assault, Grenade, and Medic), I don't get the engie because I don't think he is useful on attack (that is half the battle, so why). I always screw up with the follow up wave, after my first wave of troops attack. Should I wait and build up another wave, or should I send a constant stream of units to attack?


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    Two options to consider:

    1. Take a Ralley Flag (RF) in with you.
    Spawn a layer of troops, then before they engage the enemy call them back to your truck, and keep spawning troops!
    That way you have a mob of cu .... soldiers all hitting at the same time.
    Give it a try and see if it works for you.

    2. Try hiring Riots.
    They're excellent tanks that will absorb lots of damage, keeping more of your mob alive.
    They're priced at a level where you should still make money, and you'll tend to win more and more often with them in your squad.

    Once you have a 'full' set of troop types you'll probably find that you're not using Engineers, Flamers, Assault and Grenade Launchers on attacks.
    The latter two you really do need to get to that point though.
    The first two you can do without ....... which is why they have daily missions requiring them! That way you're eventually forced into buying them.


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          Assault only works up to a certain point in the game. Put minimum wage on grunts, throw small wave of grunts til most of not all barrels that might hurt you are gone. Take a FF and paratrooper and use them wisely, specially paratroopers you must learn how and when to use them.


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            Click image for larger version

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            Apparently you can get a lot of parachute vets, I thought it was a glitch with that first one. The next match I get 5. They are very good for removing bunkers.