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  • Some New Ideas

    Here are some ideas I'd like to see implemented one day in the game. Feel Free to Comment.
    1. Signaler/Radio-man. - This is a unit capable of making support calls. You can only have one present on the field at a time, when assaulting. How I think it will work is simple - it will occasionally reward the player with a random support call (i.e. missile strike, smoke bomb, etc) every 30 seconds. During Defense, This unit would make a support call at random. For both, there is the chance of it granting more munitions to player, after making a SITREP with it's HQ. (The player's base). It moves VERY slowly.

    2. UNIT Coordination - In combat, it is ideal to work as a team, because Together, Everyone Achieves More. This idea brings in a new aspect of combat... Giving units abilities that help other units work more effectively, and in turn, allow the team to function better. For example, the grenade launcher's shells are capable of shooting over walls, however, the Greander Launcher Unit needs a direct line of sight to engage hostiles in most situations. Meaning that if a unit is hiding behind a wall, he cannot engage. However, a Sniper or Grunt that does have an LOS might be able to give the location of the hostile soldier so that the Grenade Launcher can shoot from over the wall, and land a hit on them. All units will benefit at least one other unit. Some may give benefits during certain situations in battle.

    The purpose of this is to increase diversity on the battlefield, during both defense, and assaults.

    More instances of this include:

    If Sergeant Or Colonel are present on the field, assault units gain a boost to movement speed.

    If Surgeons are present on the field, medics gain a slight increase in their healing effect.

    If Engineers are present on the field, for an assault, the transport truck receives 1000 more HP, Once.

    If Colonel is present and battle munitions are at 500 or below, Colonel will give an additional 500 Munitions, once.

    During Defense, grunts can spot targets for Defensive structures, even if those structures are outside of effective range, but not if they have no LOS.

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    I agree with all of this and think they all would be great additions to the game. I think I read many of your other posts before and think most, if not all, of your posts have been very insightful.

    About the Signaler/Radio unit, the random support call mechanic could be similar to the mechanic used by the AI in Defend Waves. I especially like the detail of this kind of unit moving very slowly. It could even have a prioritized movement speed similar to Riot, where they will tend to stay behind all other units compared to Riot which tends to stay in front.

    I like the idea of synergy and bonuses given for particular setups. I would even extend synergy concept to hats or even loadout combination bonuses or even turning the results screen card rewards to grant bonus rewards when you get a particular cards reward combination set, like the payouts of slot machines. The complicated part is how to implement them in game. Maybe hidden bonuses or unlockable? Bonuses given automatically at start of battle or proximity-based?

    ‘Unit Coordination’ concept can maybe even work its way in affecting how Star rating is calculated in results screen, granting bonuses for rewards regardless of win or loss.


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      2. UNIT Coordination - In combat, it is ideal to work as a team, because Together, Everyone Achieves More. This idea brings in a new aspect of combat... Giving units abilities that help other units work more effectively, and in turn, allow the team to function better.
      I'm not sure about this. It sounds like a good idea on paper and seems innocent enough, except.... They already do this in the game. Alot of units already have synergy together, and that's the whole point of making your line-up. I use Engineers all the time in battles because I feel they are one of the better units for attack in the game. My most crushing defeat this season came from someone who was running Colonel and Sergeant.Trust me they don't need to give units a speed bonus on top of the insane damage and focus bonus they are giving their troops. If this system was implemented it would only make those units more oppressive causing people to complain. It would also force you to run certain set-ups instead of running whatever you want, which would be counter productive I think and actually decrease diversity.

      I'm all for the devs tweaking a unit if he needs it. Mercenary comes to mind here, I think he should cost 200 as opposed to 250 that he is now. I think the idea of the Merc is you run him with Ranger for synergy and because of his better range, he's protected somewhat. I can see that, but even so, he seems a bit weak to me. But like for the units you mentioned, none of them really need that extra synergy bonus on top of how good they already are.
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        Yes, synergy bonus on top of already literal synergy of a particular setup might be redundant, but I interpreted Unit Coordination granting additional bonus not necessarily only of the buffing of troop stats, but also extra things like the truck receiving benefits. Balancing such a feature would be complicated and I agree there’s always a chance for that “go-to strategy” that when discovered, becoming too reliant, or overly effective.

        It’s good you mentioned the Merc unit because now you should understand that literal synergy wouldn’t matter if the actual stats of a unit doesn’t represent the role it was perceived to be. Because of balance and tuning changes, but especially because of the “Riot” solution, Merc no longer feels like a “Hero” unit and you can argue Grunts or other specific units could be a better “Hero” unit compared to Merc. So in a sense, Unit Coordination feature, can be a solution to solve certain balancing issues with the game as well as changing definitions of synergy among groups of particular units. Maybe instead of “synergy” it can just be called “additional abilities(or maybe disabilities) granted to units for using a particular setup”. Then, such a feature might change too much of the game and it might not even be worth to implement since it’s basically changing how the game is intended to work(maybe GU! can become a different kind of game than it is right now if that were the case).