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Suggestion: A Reputation System

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  • Suggestion: A Reputation System

    G'day. I'll get straight to the point.

    Over these past days, I've been facing countless bases that use very shady defensive tactics - Such as funneling every single attacking route through one path, the rest being blocked by all the walls one can build, with Grenadiers, Mortars, Snipers and Bunkers pointing at that funnel on the other side of the walls, wich also happens to have barbed wire for extra pain to the attacking side. Not only that -Their units have the Iron Lungs perk, rendering nerve gas useless, and the Decoy doesn't last long enough to even get a few attacking units in position to return fire. Other bases use a Zig-Zag formation that exploits the attacking unit's animation time of stopping, raising the weapon and shooting, as they simply get mowed down by anything at the other side, and are simply too slow to even shoot the wall that blocks them from doing their work.

    After suffering numerous defeats to these kind of bases, past the frustration and anger of repeated defeats, I came up with an idea.

    What about a Reputation system for bases in-game?

    The premise is simple; Each time an Attacker invades another player's base, and losses (Or wins), after the battle they would receive a prompt, with a rating system of, "Was this base fun to attack? Please rate it down below.", with 5 optiions; From 1, or "Not at all" to 3, "Mildly entertaining", to 5, "Very fun" (Yes, some of us consider a hard-fought defeat fun). Depending on the ammount of attackers that rate a defender's base poorly or positively, their Matchmaking rank would be adjusted to draw in harder attackers -If it receives too many low ratings-, or easier opponents -If they receives numerous high ratings-. If the base in question receives numerous defeats, the Matchmaker would eventually stabilize it back untill it achieves a 50% winrate, wich would be ideal.

    Additionally, players with a base with a 'High reputation' would gain small rewards in the shape of Common card packs every week / Every 72 hours, or even 5.000 or 10.000 Bullet drops. Not a gamebreaking reward, but a little something to indicate that the player in question is doing something right -Much like GTAV's 'Good-Behavior' reward.

    As an example:

    Player A has set up a base that runs the well-known and hated tactic of piling a bunch of Bombardiers behind a wall, with complicated angles for snipers and Bunkers to shoot through. Player B attacks that base with standart tactics, and eventually looses. Player B leaves a poor rating, and the Matchmaking modifies Player A's minimun attacker levels, raising his base's level from 2 Skulls to 3. This draws Player C's attention, who attacks Player A with Riot Shields, Medics and Snipers, and eventually raises victorious. Due to this victory, the Reputation system would've aided in stabilizing the base's Matchmaking rating -Reducing the frustration for Player B's future attacks, giving a challenge to player C, and readjusting player A's Matchmaking rating for a more suitable level.

    Per se, this is merely a suggestion from a frustrated player, that thinks that a system like this would be relatively easy to implement, and would help reduce the frustration and, pardon my words, bullshit, present in many lvl <50 players' bases that render them almost impossible to defeat without using cards that drop very rarely. Any oppinions on this suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Do you know what BS is? When a low level player scores triple the points in AB because he faces very easy to beat bases while high level players are stuck facing each other.


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      Nah. Setting up a defending base the way you described it, either with a tunnel or zig zag, is a part of the game. What I do want, however, is the possibility to save base setups. Takes so long time to rearrange the base, and if it doesn't work, you can't easily swap back to last design, for it was never saved. Dull!


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        You should just work on your attacking skills.


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          Your description of "shady" defense tactics comes off a little wrong because it takes a lot of effort to set up a base that can actual win defensively and it does require deep knowledge about how the units move, how time drops more specials, how players tend to come equipped, what type of units they tend to use etc.

          It takes serious dedication to figure out the truly devious defense designs. The problem for me is when some particularly strong defense design starts being copied and you start seeing it more and more and it is at the point where your own troops are not just capable of taking that base on even if their troops are not much upgraded but that defense design just has a very strong edge against the attacker.

          Currently to my knowledge it is only the < 6 minute Bombardier AA base defense that falls into that category and I give full props to whomever came up with it, but as more and more people continue to copy that, I start to find that design annoying. So when I spot that in the info you have before you do the fight, I choose not to play that opponent. To me a base like that does warrant the developers taking a look at why that defense is so strong and maybe consider taking some re-balancing moves.

          It wouldn't be the first time developers felt they should get involved. For instance they have adjusted some AI behavior like stupid troops shooting at AA around a corner while ignoring everything moving them down. Or bases designed to snipe and kill the Truck.

          I don't think the "reputation" idea is needed because all the information you need to avoid bases you don't enjoy is already provided. As you said yourself, what someone considers fun someone else can consider frustrating. So the "reputation" which is communicating a feeling that is subjective will quickly loose relevance as it applies to helping you make decision on whether to fight or wait for 24 hours for opponent to change.
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          • cusman
            cusman commented
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            Reputation "feel" ratings stuff would also remain unknown for Alliance Battles

          • Slinger_69
            Slinger_69 commented
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            I kinda agree with some of them being shady, if someone spots a glitch that tricks the AI of the game is it fair or not? I have played so long that I have seen ever glitch there is and could easily use them all BUT I CHOOSE TO LOSE rather then incorporating a glitch into my base. If your tricking programming that's not really good strategy it's cheating. Try counting cards at a casino, some can do it but is it good strategy? The casino will throw you out because they say it's cheating the overall best interest of the game.

            Just because you find an actual bona fide glitch DOES NOT make you a grand strategist! It actually makes you a rather poor strategist because you couldn't build a defense without finding a cheat.

          • cusman
            cusman commented
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            If I felt something was too cheap, I wouldn't use it either. Most of that for me applies to how people try to game the system to make their opponents easier. The rest of what I face in game is a good mix of careful placement and good strategy.

            Not talking about things that are so cheap the devs felt like patching against those... like Sniper Towers taking out the Truck was too cheap, so I never tried to do that.

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          I see both sides of the argument, but the only thing I fear with the rating thing is those dirt cheap bastards who would always rate a 1 until all of his fights were completely unfair and were completely pointless for the defender.
          something completely different: the bombardiers are definitely OP -- whenever I attack them they'll stun my riots while also killing everything else faster than my medics can heal them, until eventually there's nothing left except for blood and little riot shield bits