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Ideas to solve pathing abuse (indirectly)

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  • Ideas to solve pathing abuse (indirectly)

    Updating the AI is not easy, especially when the target is to override a subjective part of the game such as pathing defensive strategies. There is a variety of "pathings", so programming in a way that solves all of them is certainly a big challenge. However a more viable/easier solution could be achieved with a combination of the following (or some of them):

    A) boosting ATTACK
    1. Increase Focus Fire drop rate in battle. (FF is the main way to get rid of walls and counter pathing)
    2. Increase chance of FF in attack card packs and end-game rewards.
    3. Increase (+1 or +2) the cards we can carry in battle pre-game. They would be unlocked in higher levels which provides a solution to the staleness and lack of scaling above level 50. *Sidenote: I guess there is a marketing reason to stop meaningfull rewards at 50, as the game focuses on new-comers and it can be demotivating to see a long road till the "top checkpoint". But as I mention below, this would be implemented in a few months, when most players will be arround 50 or higher, in need of extra motives to keep playing.
    4. Veterans could have many lives in attack as well. In this way, players won't hesitate using vets which are usually never deployed unless you don't care for defense.
    5. Level 4 and 5 vets. This would obviously require a tweak in: fast track %, the bonuses of vets getting split more linearly instead of the huge spike from lvl 2 to lvl 3 and the scaling of lives (instead of 3/5/10 it could be 3/5/8/12/15). This also fits the "5 lvl theme" of perks.

    Of course boosting attack requires...

    B) boosting DEFENSE
    1. Let us choose on which sandbag each Veteran will go. (let's be realistic vets are wasted if you don't put them on sandbags) This will greatly satisfy ..99% of players.
    2. Tent units assigned to sandbags of your choice too.
    3. New structures! (This isn't easy to implement but I suppose it's already a Devs' target anyway).

    I think balance can't be hard to be achieved even if you combine all the above. Probably not much playtesting will be neccessary in contrast to other ideas (such as upgrading the truck).
    The main problem is that all these should be implemented on the same patch. It could be a version 4.00 big update, after a few months.

    Let me know what you think and please, whenever you post your ideas that boost A then try to think of equally powerfull B ideas vice versa.
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    Boosting focus fire drop rate is a bad idea, you would not be able to defend any attack and you would be able to win every attack, just 1 focus fire can easily win you the game

    Also choosing on which sandbag Veteran and units will go will create difficult too much OP defenses

    Your suggestions won't solve the AI pathing issues but would create big unbalance in game


    • Haze33E*PC
      Haze33E*PC commented
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      Agreed this would throw the game balance way off.

    • mendoza0206
      mendoza0206 commented
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      Look at the top 20 monthly leader boards and point out which of those you beat with one focus fire or just a rally flag. Or even better post a video. How many of the top ranked PvP defend bases you beat on the daily? Many of the top bases will target your truck while your units walk in circles and you only have 5:30 to beat them. I have won and lost against what I consider the best and I doubt you have yet to battle any of them during alliance battles.

    • CrazyPenguin*PC
      CrazyPenguin*PC commented
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      What does me beating any of the top 20 on leaderboard have to do anything said in here ? Where did you see me mention 1 rally flag ? Also did you read my topic about EXPLOITS where I literally talk about what you are saying right now ?

      Why do you insist going off topic and talking about me personally ? Also why are other comments deleted ?
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    1. A pack of Focus Fire sounds like a good idea to me, I would be willing to pay 50-60k per pack.
    2. Being able to place veterans would make some bases even harder to beat and would inspire people to ask for nerfing of units. But I like the idea of multiple lives for vets during battles not just one...maybe lives according to vet level for example level 1 one life, level 2 two lives and level 3 three lives lost during battles. That would make me want to use them and would make beating the 5:30 bases much easier.


    • col1162
      col1162 commented
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      Interesting..... On another topic - Suggestions for equalizing game play. you (mendoza0208) stated "I'm not a fan of veterans either in defense or offense". Eliminate them, boom problem solved. But yet here you like having multiple lives for your vets. So which is it, Vets no or Vets yes? You cannot have it both ways. And if just Focus Fire was available to buy in packs then why would anyone buy anything else? Everyone would be attacking with 5 FF on every start of every attack.

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    Generally the game needs progression after lvl 50.
    More build points, next HQ level that expanding the map size for defense (everyone loves huge battles)
    and more additions for attack,
    (more units and Specials on Loadout and more starting munitions for every level up).
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


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      @col1162 I was doing just fine before veterans got introduced with my base set up...and I’m doing just fine now attacking without using them but vets are here to stay and if we are gonna have them and use them it would be nice to use them more than once per battle.


      • col1162
        col1162 commented
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        Ah, that's where we disagree then. I feel that vets should only have 1 life for either attacking or defending. Yes they can be boosted with Health, damage and even stagger resistance, say like vet armor enhancements but not extra lives. They can definitely be stronger than the regular troop and a decent player gets new vets every time they win an attack so there is always a steady supply on hand so there really is no reason to have extra lives for the veterans, either in defense or offense.

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      @Col it isn't easy at all to raise to lvl 3 a SPECIFIC unit type (usually snipers/bombardiers), which fits properly your base type. Especially now that 2 skulls aren't as easy, it takes lots of tries to get your base back to when you had all vets lvl 3. And all those tries and time feels wasted/unworthy when you throw all vets in an attack and they end up dying for nothing. In other words, the reward for using vets (in case you win) isn't big at all, compared to the huge risk of losing some or ALL of them.

      I see two kinds of solutions that Devs could introduce:
      1) multiple vet lives on attack
      2) 2 groups of vets, one for attack - one for defense. In my opinion this is the better way, because it avoids frustration of having vets without using them. Also it provides better attacking vet combinations, as they will be what you use anyway as attacking units. For example, if you run flamers for defense you wouldnt really want to bring vet flamers on attack instead of so many better attacking units.
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        If devs want can look at one browser game the name is imperia online , there are many ideas that can be built here and the game will be much better , ( for example- if a player from an alliance is attacked by another apparently stronger player, his alliance can protect him and attack the attacker , this is how much the role of being in a strong alliance is strengthened, and not only to give and shelter from the alliance , resources can also be added, and from each attack the winner receives a percentage of the loser's resource ( i atack and have 100 K monition , but lose fight and i lose 10 or what percentage as they judge from my money or ather res. , and if i win take from lose players same prercentage , resource can use for bild structures , wood , stone , There is a massive map with all the players, it is strategically good to have partners from your neighbors because if you attack nobody wins, but on this map u can choice to atack everry one - have big options (if u are small lvl or big lvl and wanna atack some players whith big diferenc on lvl there is a punishment
        , T
        hese are just a small part of the things that can be built here, so if you want to take a look dear devs . It is not good to steal foreign ideas, but let me look at at least what it is about and inspire something like this


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          Hey everyone, there are some great ideas here. We're always looking to ensure that the game feels balanced across the entire progression and on attack and defense. Whenever we think a particular strategy is too powerful we try to address it. An example of this is when we changed the targeting time of the sniper towers so that they couldn't pick off units walking by a tiny gap in a player's walls.

          Thanks again for all of your feedback.