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Don't waste energy getting red crates

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  • Don't waste energy getting red crates

    Its obvious the new cheat is now from Guns up! 9 red crates in a row ZERO HERO PERKS! Almost level 60 still no endless clips, only 1 volunteer perk. I have other of the junk hero perks. How am I getting matches against people level 30-40 who have 5-6 troops with all endless clip and volunteer hero perks. Its seems like these are the most common hero perk for almost every opponent I get. This sucks what lil life is still in the game when I go up against bases where every troop spawned is either doubled with volunteer perks or every troop shooting at me has endless clips.

    Also 40% chance of extra troop being spawned with volunteer hero perk my ass. Had 2 bases yesterday that spawned 6 snipers every time 3 spawns in a row! The volunteer perk has turned into more like an 80-90 % chance of extra troop.

    Anyways don't waste effort in red crates they have become a total scam, open if you have the keys don't be a sucker and spend any gold thou.

    I have put my time in and for me to have zero endless clips seems disgusting. Truth is I am probably blackballed because I am always so willing to point out how deeply broken, unfair and totally screwed up this game is.
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    I disagree, I've gotten alot of cool stuff from red crates. Its definitely not a scam. You've just been unlucky is all. I've gotten 2 endless clips from red crates.

    Part of it too though is working with what you got. I know you want endless clips but doesn't make the other hero perks junks. All the hero perks are extremely good. Bloodlust is amazing, Iron lungs is incredibly powerful for defense and often offense as well. Poison bullets are amazing. You just have to do the best with what you got. I don't have the Scavenger perk yet, but whatever I know I'll get it at some point.

    Volunteers is a 30% chance of spawning an extra troop. Which in my experience seems about right. Either the opponent you were facing got lucky or he may even have been using hacks. Was it a PC player? Not knowing who it is, I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt for now and attribute it to luck.


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      Yesterday I got him from the Red Crate

      And I have many Hero Perks from Red Crates sitting in my inventory waiting to get more valor for promoting units

      No luck does not mean scam