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Christmas Hat Ideas for next Christmas

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  • Christmas Hat Ideas for next Christmas

    So initially I was looking at Heat Miser and Snow Miser as possible hats for this Christmas...

    That would look wicked a bunch of heat misers squaring off against a bunch of snow misers. I'm not sure how the legality of using those characters would work. I think they're both owned by Warner Brothers currently. You'd have to look into whether that would be doable or not. Would be really cool if you could use them though.

    Now, I did find out that the Rudolph, Rankin and Bass special is free game, public domain. The copyright year in Roman numerals for the special was mis-marked as MCLXIV (1164) instead of the correct MCMLXIV (1964). This invalidates the copyright under U.S. law at the time, which required a valid date of copyright be affixed to the production meaning that still images from the special and all of the characters unique to it are, as a result, in the public domain.

    Yukon Cornelius, the Abominable snow monster, Hermey the misfit elf with dreams of being a dentist, or even Hermey's cranky elf supervisor, and Fireball the yearling reindeer are all free game if you want to use them for hats.

    The snow monster and Yukon would probably be the most recognizable and the best ones to use from the Rudolph special. I think the characters could transition well into the guns up universe, because the character styles are similar.

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    It's too early for the next Christmas.
    Any ideas for the upcoming Valentine's Day event?
    There is only one Hat as I know (Teddy Bear).
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


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      How about a Heart that envelopes the unit's head. A marching band hat with valentine colors would look cool. Could even do a top hat like the one already in the game but with valentine color swaps, pink, red, and white.


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        A cupidds arrow through the head hat style


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          Love heart helium baloon base item


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            Originally posted by Spikeygecko View Post
            Love heart helium baloon base item
            Nice idea for a new decoration.
            Love only
            PS4/Steam: odytsak


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              I would love to have the flamingo bird again. Would allow newer players to earn one.


              • SDS_Chase
                SDS_Chase commented
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                Flamingos rule.

              • idfgeneral
                idfgeneral commented
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                Haha... totally. It’s always awesome giving someone a bird. It’s all about give and take, shows you care