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  • Newbie has some questions

    Hi guys,
    I searched the forum, but couldn't find answers. So here are my questions.

    1. Is there a cap for the tents to spawn new units? While the AI-Defend I had the feeling my tents didn't spawn more units after a certain point. No more than 3 or 4 units (2xSniper-tents and 1xBombadier-tent) per tent -_-

    1.5 Sometimes my tents in the base have a symbol, that they can not spawn any units at all (while i build my base or am in the menu). Why? I don't understand that at all.

    2. How does the Medic and Surgeon work? Especially how much does the Medic heal per second? and Does the Surgeon heal at all (sometimes he seems not to)?

    Thank you for your help

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    1: Each unit type has a cool down rate that limits how fast they spawn new troops. I assume cost of munitions and munitions in the bank affect this also. I noticed that they do seem to stop spawning units after a while.

    1.5: One of your pathways is blocked by a wall most likely. There is a minimum distance needed for troops to move thru. Move possible obstructions around until the symbol goes away.

    2: The surgeon runs around and sticks a giant needle into a dying troop and brings him back to life. Medic I'm not sure how he works. One of the experienced players will be along soon and explain.


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      Tents spawn at different rates depending on the unit. Some units spawn faster than others as explained in the tent info when highlighted. And tents will spawn 1 to 5 units depending on the unit and perk assigned to the unit. For example snipers only spawn 1 sniper each time but can spawn 2 if equipped with volunteer perk. And assault units will spawn 4 per tent and up to 5 if equipped with volunteer perk. Also the cool down is affected by rapid deployement perk so units can spawn faster if equipped with rapid deployement. There is a “cap” on how many times a tent spawns, tents will spawn once at the start of battle then spawn 3 times. If the units that spawned die, the tent will spawn once more but only to replace one set of units not all 3 if that makes sense. It is not known the healing rate of the medic, and the surgeon will revive only the units around its aura but won’t revive all since it can only revive the once at its reach. You need a lot of medics and surgeons for them to be more effective. The tent having a symbol means there is something blocking your base and it it’s blocked tents will spawn only once. But the “blocked” warning many times is a glitch and doesn’t necessarily mean your tent is blocked.


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        1. The tents Spawn up to 4 spawn worth of units at any given time (if one dies, another one spawns to replace it). The unit type determines the number of units per Spawn. Sniper and bombardiers get a maximum of 4 troops at the battle field from each tent at any given time (1 troops spawned at a time).

        1.5 there is a graphical bug related to the “no spawn” icon. That might be effecting your base.

        2. Surgeons can “revive” dead troops within range with certain death. Medics regenerate health for troops within heal zone/circle. Please note that it does not regenerate health for troops with health regen hats on.


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          1. Is there a cap for the tents to spawn new units?

          Yes, each tent is capable of spawning up to 3 waves of units at a time.

          You get a free bonus wave of units at the start of a battle, provided you have cover for them. No cover, no bonus wave of units. This bonus wave does not count as one of your 3 waves.

          2. How does the Medic and Surgeon work? Especially how much does the Medic heal per second? and Does the Surgeon heal at all

          Medics generate a healing aura around them, regenerating the health of all units within that aura. Surgeons do not heal, instead they bring units that have been shot down back to life. The unit will briefly glow red when they've been shot down, but before they've actually died. You will only see this effect if you're playing with surgeons. Your surgeon will immediately sprint towards them at an increased speed from his normal movement and attempt to revive them.

          If you have units using a health regen hats, then neither the medic or the surgeon will be able to help those units.


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            On an unrelated topic, you related to CrazyPenguin? Lol


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              Haha no I am not, but I saw him in the forum here too.

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            Thank you very much guys. That'll help me.