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Good day players

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  • Good day players

    And once again we saw only two alliances battling point by point for the victory, who will take the title ????
    Warriors or Latinos,
    It was a great season. Looking forward to know who will be the big winner !!!!!!!

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    Cant comprehend how players still attach value to season number 167432.


    • SOUZA-ZICA-11
      SOUZA-ZICA-11 commented
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      really is amazing, I have friends who have played since Saturday, so they stop to eat and drink coffee 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    “With time ticking away, will the ultra instinct and limit breaking forces overcome the unwavering and unrelenting power of justice?
    Next time on Allianze Warz Z...”

    If players still enjoy playing this game, I think they should continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

    About “season numbers”, I do think seasons should be renamed or use different naming schemes. Maybe use Roman numerals sometimes? Or when ABs expand with more features and can have themed seasons, special rewards, unique alliance missions or objectives, or anything to add to Alliance Wars experience, maybe can add some story details that gives more meaning to particular seasons.

    Imagine having,

    “Alliance Wars, Season XVI: Pickle Farmers Revolt”

    Grunts call upon the help of Mercenaries, as Riots and Assaults flee from battle. Plague affects the battlefield.

    Alliance Battle conditions: (game rule sets change)
    -Cannot use Riots or Assaults during ABs
    -Grunts stats lowered
    -Merc stats increased
    -Permanent “Plague” effect during ABs
    -Toxic Barrels have double the effect
    -All structures at 50% damaged
    -HQ stats increased

    As you play, maybe some graphics change with a theme of “Pickle Farmers”, with Pickle crops and decorations and maybe new intros and outros too.


    • Kenpo_Kid69
      Kenpo_Kid69 commented
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      A pickle hat would be awesome.

    • SOUZA-ZICA-11
      SOUZA-ZICA-11 commented
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      great ideas if it were put into practice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍