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Two suggestions for the Dev. Team & players

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  • Two suggestions for the Dev. Team & players

    Since we the players never know what you are working on to fix or change how about posting a notice on this forum first before you actually do it and get an overall consensus before actually instituting the game play change. By this I mean something that will affect actual game play and not the back end design and programming. I understand it's hard to gauge a reaction of all players by the less than 50 that post here but it might help over the long haul. We all appreciate what you do even though it seems we complain more than we compliment.

    One other suggestion for the timed bases problem. In addition to the Victory or Defeat feature of the game how about adding a Draw (Stalemate) feature?

    If the Attacker runs out of time and the Defender has not destroyed the truck in the time allotted then why should the Defender be rewarded a victory? He didn't win a clear victory, time just ran out and that's not a true win. In a non-biased observation of the game doesn't both the attacker and defender have the responsibility to destroy the opposing player, i.e. the HQ or the Truck? With the Draw (Stalemate) feature no one wins due to running out of time and neither player should be rewarded for starving the clock.

    Think about it, Win, Lose or Draw. Even in Chess there can be a Stalemate, no clear winner. If a defender can't win (Victory) by running out a clock then perhaps they might change their base layout.

    Thanks for all you do and have a blessed day.

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    Seldom as the defender though, would you blow up the attacker's truck though. Its pretty easy as an attacker to prevent the defender from blowing up their truck, even if you've already lost. I can run out the clock in just about every match, assuming I don't quit.

    Having a bunch of stalemates would detract from the whole experience. Right now its exciting to get on and see how much you've won from defends. Start having a bunch of stalemates and that excitement is going to go away. Which is going to translate to people not logging on and therefore playing as much. A big catch of the game, besides the daily orders is you can only have up to 3 defends happen per play session. So logging on more, puts you back in the rotation and therefore more chance at rewards. I think its bad for the games economy if it becomes too hard to get a defender victory.

    And that's assuming everyone is playing as intended. What happens if the attacker sends out a scout, doesn't like what he sees. Maybe its a Bombardier base or just something they think they can't beat. All they have to do is sit in and defend the truck and no one wins. I've played alot of good bases that are using their build points and have good bases, but they don't even send out HQ squads, preferring to turtle up. If the rules were changed, and they had to blow up the attacker's truck they would have no way to win, unless you heavily damaged them and took out their their sandbags and tank traps.

    I think a change like this would ultimately hurt the game. It would make being the defender far less lucrative and make Guns Up more of a "pay to win" game. Most of those keys, gold perks, and valor go away, because you failed to blow up the truck. Is that something we really want the devs to do? No offense, but I don't think I do.


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      Never any offense taken on my end unless someone is super nasty with their comments. I always appreciate a good back and forth on any suggestion I give.

      Now for me personally, I never surrender so either I destroy the HQ, the truck gets destroyed or I fight to hold the defender off and the time runs out. Which holding a defender off can be very challenging at times.

      As far as my base goes, well sometimes it gets defeated, but when the base wins it usually a 50/50 split of either the truck surrenders or the truck goes boom. I can't remember the last time the time ran out or if it ever has happened.

      Thanks for responding and have a blessed day.

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    We don't usually post big game additions/changes, prior to rollout, to the forums to gain a consensus simply because, as you said, there are often too many competing opinions/asks for how the addition/change "should" work! Instead, we roll out the addition/change based on our initial vision and then make adjustments to better align it with the game and community's feedback and requirements.

    As for having a "Draw" feature for battles...that would really throw the MM system for a loop as much of the opponent difficulty determination is based on whether players winner or lose against other players. Having the addition "Draw" state would require a whole other set of data-point calculation to determine opponent MM! Also, as an attacker the onus is on you to destroy the base you chose to attack! A defender simply needs to survive your attack to consider it as a win; if they can destroy your truck in the process...well, that's really just icing on the cake!


    • col1162
      col1162 commented
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      Okay to the 1st part. On the 2nd part, well okay I guess. You know far better than I when it comes to determining whatever makes this game playable and that's what matters in the end. I do appreciate the reply to my suggestion and even though I don't say it enough, thanks for the game, bugs and all.

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    In my humble opinion, it was a good suggestion, in fact here is full of good suggestions, but only understand what you should listen.
    I love playing guns, it must be one of the most played in the world for its distracting power. But if you heard us, congratulations on your idea, it would be really innovative.