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Game Balance (skill vs luck) (how to make the game more enjoyable)

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  • Game Balance (skill vs luck) (how to make the game more enjoyable)

    I feel like when I am attacking I feel like there is a distinct lack of skill. I never feel like I am relay in much control of my army and the defender sometimes makes really annoying defenses that take advantage of this fact way too much. There are also cretin balancing issues with the game and i feel can be abused to break the game. I know that these are definitely issues and I am pretty sure that I have a solution for all of the problems but I won't say that they are the best solution to these problems or that they could create another problem. Please comment what you think are problem, what are not, what did i miss, do you know of a better solution, Does one of my solutions change the other problems and thus would need a different solution. The poll is if you see the item as being a problem not if you think my solution is good.

    1. Attack cards (specifically ability's)
    These are incredibly imbalanced. The air abilities (napalm, rocket, carpet) are very under powered and only get more under-powered the father into the game you get. Abilities like smoke, decoy and focus fire are the most powerful abilities by far. You would think that since AA is so powerful at stooping air abilities or the fact that they are even abilities that can be stooped that they would be even more powerful. There are two things that need to happen to make them better. Make them more powerful and another way for them to get around the AA. I would suggest that the carpet bomb be given more damage and to no longer be completely random if there is an enemy in the area so it targets them. (The flag could also use a bit of a buff making your units slightly faster)

    The next point is that cretin bases seem like they need very specific specials to beat. If you end up with a bad hand you are doomed. This is why I would like it if there was a little less randomness to the specials you get this is why I would like their to be a new system of getting specials. If you want it to at least be a little random my suggestion is to make it so that they are given in tokens that you can then use to buy cretin types of specials. This could then make it so you could categorize the specials into 3 sets (air, support, command) with the cards in each category being self-explanatory. You would need a token that corresponds to the special you wanted to get. We won't be able to choose which category we get the special from but we do get to decide which special from that category we get.

    2. Obstacles
    Obstacles completely break this game. Walls in this game have a very intended and balance purpose in the game. Wall can be destroyed or even shot over with certain units. Obstacles are invincible wall that can’t even be shot over. This makes it so you never want to destroy any obstacles. The counter to walls is focus fire but it can’t destroy obstacles and obstacles also break the AI, since they can’t shoot past it. Obstacles should at the very least be able to be shooting though with units with a focus fire. Maybe even all together. Maybe just if they are already capable of shooting though walls.
    If you want Obstacles to be a vital part of the defense Meta then you should make it so they are Creatable. (Maybe even with Dynamite).

    3. Barb wire
    it seems pretty simple to me that barb wire is op. For the most part if it did not exist most of the problems that I’m listing would not be all that bad and attack would actually be rather op. With such a heavy reliance on barb wire we definitely don’t want to Nerf it into the ground. I have 2 suggestions as to how to solve this

    One is to change the states from 70-60% slow and 700- 800 health.

    Another is to fuse the unstoppable (witch give resistance to barb wire) perk with another perk. (My suggestions would be ether steady or the cool down perk.)
    The cool down perk would be a good pick since it does not give any benefit when you’re attacking and unstoppable gives literally no bonus when defending. However the cool down perk could also be merged with minimum wage since that also gives no bonuses when you’re defending.

    4. AI
    There are many bases that have a sort of aI trap. It takes advantage of the AI trying to navigate to the end of the base with many dead ends. There are normally too many dead ends than you will ever have cards to deal with. They then use this to have one unit at a time that manages to get passed and dies instantly.
    This is hard to solve for every case but I feel like the ability to make your units not go a certain way would be a good way to solve this. This would be a confusing task to do and I’m sure I’m not smart enough to come up with a direct way for you to program and balance this in.

    Specials are imbalanced
    Obsticals break the game
    Barb wire may be too good
    Dum AI gets you killed to offten