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How about a Survival Bonus for the new CPU Defense Mode

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  • How about a Survival Bonus for the new CPU Defense Mode

    So in playing the new CPU defense mode, both while I'm away and actually playing it, my main beef with this mode is that in both ways of playing it, the payout just feels too low.

    What I think would help get people to embrace this mode better would be to add a Survival Bonus. A 20k survival bonus if you last the whole twenty minutes. This could be given as a lump sum as a reward for surviving till the end. Or better yet it could be spread out, having the game give you 1,0000 munitions per minute or even 500 per 30 seconds.

    Right now I make anywhere from 3 to 8 thousand when I'm away and about 17,500 when I'm playing. So bringing those numbers up to 25,000 to 37,500 would be a much more fair replacement to the old defense mode. And even for the players who doing really well, its only 20,000 extra were talking about here. That makes it reasonable enough to play the mode and much less likely that people are going to complain about it.

    In the old defense mode would you make around 48 thousand if you just let the game play by itself and in the mid to high 60's (around 65 to 68 thousand) if you were actively involved, by the 30 minute mark. So I think the change would be a reasonably fair one to make.

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    If there intent was to stop "afk farming" then the increase in munitions should be on the drops.

    I agree though... The munition amount is waaay to low, was to low to me before this update as well. When you consider what it costs to fully upgrade a base, it is peanuts. You'd spend thousand of hours trying to fully upgrade a base with old payout, let alone this new one makes that daunting to even think about.

    All this update did for me, is make me play less. For I don't PVP when I have xp bonuses unless alliance battles, since I can't save my xp bonuses. Doing less CPU defend. Less munitions earned, less shop items i deal with. Less alliance battles I'll eventually play, when my current munitions deplete. It also made me not want to spend any more money, for I feel this is greed type of update. Nobody was asking for CPU changes. Could of fixed year+ old bugs or gave something of meaning. Instead they nerf a method to upgrade your base, without penalty. Yet it still takes longer to do it that way, versus pvp battles, but you get no penalty as a trade off. Such as keeping your XP/Card boosters, keeping your stat score, not wasting cards to earn cards.

    Like no more smurf account alliance battles. Stored alliance battles erased at end of each alliance, so you can only earn ones for current season. No points from removed members of an alliance. You know... things that make alliance battles more worthy of competition. Instead of facing smurf account alliances and players whom bought thousands of alliance battles when they were only 4k munitions for 1 day. These things make alliance battles less meaningful. I do them purely for 2x xp and my road is about done for XP.

    More time I'm in game, more times players on steam see it being played, more people whom check it out for free to see why I spend so much time on this game. It is free advertising. But this is due to old CPU defend mode.

    Could make more "bought only" customization's, instead of trying to get people to buy booster packs and useless cards. Only thing I'd spend gold on would be red crates atm. Sell themes! I'm sure alot would love a steam-punk theme, pirate theme, space theme, whatever theme. But once you make these available via free drops, like other customizations, you wont see people buying them as much. Just like how I view elite/legendary card packs, waste of money. For I can earn that for free and have better chance at a hero perk in red crates. More stuff like the spec ops outfits and such, would be nice. For sale only!


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      If they want to make it a pick-up item to stop afk farming, that's fine. I think most would understand that. Its not really necessary though, because this new mode gives you much less reward for being AFK and that's assuming you even make it the full 20 minutes, which is also much harder to do now if you're afk while playing. The easiest way is just to give you the bonus at the end of the match. That way they don't have to change much, just add the appropriate bonus they feel is fair to bump the munitions earned to a more reasonable amount.

      Not sure I follow you with the whole stored alliance battle thing? The fact they let you store alliance battles and get them so easily now, is what I believe is exactly what you need to stop players from smurf account abuse. At the moment I have 190 bonus battles stored. There is very little chance of me being able to use them all in one alliance war period. And that's just one account, imagine if I had six, like some people are doing. The whole point of it is regardless of how many accounts they use for boosting their score, that I have those 190 and can earn more rather easily and that really helps even the playing field. Doesn't matter if you use one account or twenty accounts, for most of us its just not possible to do that many battles on multiple accounts. So its the perfect fix by the developers in making the game fair all around for everyone. I think they deserve alot of credit for that change to the game. Its a brilliant one in my opinion.


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        Concordo com você na questão das várias contas. O mais interessante seria os devs fecharem as alianças no momento que começa as batalhas. Deixando somente a opção de excluir o jogador que não caminha junto com o grupo.
        Voltando ao assunto de várias contas, fique tranqüilo , os devs estão de olho no ciclismo