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New CPU Defense is unnecessarily stupid, and I may quit

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  • New CPU Defense is unnecessarily stupid, and I may quit

    This is my first complain in this game.
    There is another kind of CPU defense in every 15-30 minutes "wave xxx is coming", so the new CPU is pointless.
    With new CPU Defense, we have to sit for 20 minutes and get 18k munitions.
    I have to work and study, can't sit for 20 minutes and get only that piece of munitions.
    If someone like the new update, you would exploit enough before; good luck, one day you will play with "ghost"!
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    There have already been a number of topics created discussing the changes to CPU Defend. Please add your thoughts there instead of creating repeat posts.


    • MajinBooTur
      MajinBooTur commented
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      Essa é a forma de responder um consumidor de seu produto? Meus parabéns SDS_Chase. Vejo que já está perdendo a paciência. Se escutasse os jogadores, não perderiamos Nosso tempo fazendo as mesmas reclamações

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    Mas vocês não nos escutam.


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      Then quit. You are bad at this game you can't handle the new challenge and you blame devs for it. Now that you actually have to be active and good to earn better munition reward it is a problem for you. Since you got used to having it easy going AFK and not doing anything to earn the munition.

      And you guys are just making a drama over a made up theory because you can't handle the fact and refuse to learn and get better at the game.

      Video evidence of guy earning 50k in 20min:

      So your claim " With new CPU Defense, we have to sit for 20 minutes and get 18k munitions. " is just false. Maybe if you just did not "sit" and instead actually played and used your specials right you would have earned more then 18k. But that seems hard for you obviously.

      He even mentioned that the old CPU was exploitable. Now that devs fixed the exploit it became a problem. Its like saying I used to cheat easily but now I can't so devs are the ones to blame for ruining the game for me LOL
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      • mendoza0206
        mendoza0206 commented
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        If I remember correctly, a regular PvP match against a nightmare gives you around 9k? And a lot of those go for 10 minutes. So doing two battles = 18k or more if you have boosts plus you have to use good cards to be able to win. So 18k for free seems like a good deal to me. 20k buys you 5 attack card packs, plus all PvP matches are FREE now. Don’t see why these people keep whining.

      • revzi100
        revzi100 commented
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        @mendoza0206 they are whinnig because they cant earn munitions for doing sod all, me on the other hand only did the defence for time chalange as i get more munitions for pvp attacks anyway

      • CrazyPenguin*PC
        CrazyPenguin*PC commented
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        I get 10k for winning against 1 skull opponents that take me 2min to win. I get 20-25k against a 3 skull nightmare opponent that take me usually around 5-6min to win. For 1 skull or 2 skull I don't have to use any cards. For 3 skulls I can use cards I never use that are hoarded in my inventory (500+ cards).
        This is my side how I farm munition.

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      Como sempre blablablabla 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤