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CPU Defend Decoy works differently to normal!

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  • CPU Defend Decoy works differently to normal!

    This is happening with Bombardiers in my base. It may also affect Grenadiers and Rocketeers.

    If I'm attacked PvP (or if I test base) a Decoy used on one of my barricades filled with Bombardiers will only affect that barricade. This is because the LOS is blocked to all other troops by walls or rocks.

    If I do a CPU Defend then a Decoy dropped by the CPU on the same barricade draws the attention of all the other troops even though their LOS is blocked! I have Bombardiers firing over walls and LARGE rocks even though they cannot see the Decoy!

    I don't recall seeing a CPU Wave use a Decoy, so I'm not sure if that's affected either.

    Please can one of the Devs let us know if this is intentional or is an 'undocumented feature'.

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    Decoys should work the same in all modes for all Units. Can you provide me with a video of it not working this way so that I can send it over to the team to take a look at?


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      I believe I may have an answer for this one.

      I tried several CPU Defends to try to replicate it but on the rare occasion that a decoy was used it looked normal. But then it never used a decoy on the barricade where I remember the problem happening.

      So instead I went into Test Base to try various things for myself, and I was able to replicate what I saw in the CPU Defend.
      It happens when you have a barricade tucked tight behind the tallest rock at the top of the base. If you position the decoy over where the barricade would appear if the rock were not there then the decoy is actually placed on top of the rock. The extra height then allows units at other barricades to have LOS to the decoy location, and this replicated what I saw on the CPU Defend run.