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People getting upset relax and chill

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  • People getting upset relax and chill

    Things change the world changes and this game evolves as well a good base doesn't need exploits simple as that im level 55 not a noob i was against the new CPU defend at first now not so bad i would just like it to go longer and thats the thing not everyone will be happy with everything in life suck it up princesses. The real ISSUE i think the players want is new structures , units maybe perks thats the cream on the top boys that can and will change bases for the better more variety is the spice of life
    These new changes are only bothering the people who needed exploits to win games . In real life do soldiers run around in circles like indians surrounding a wagon train NONONO. In real life can soldiers walk through a tank trap ahhh yes they can they are not a wall ive said it before ill say it again not a wall the faster i can focus fire those things and trample your rubbish bases with this exploit the better
    Now come in spinner let the haters hate

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    I never saw a game or a movie where tank traps are between 2 walls. Haha
    All ppl talk about experience and play along time...So why they copy bases and use 3 or more FF?
    My base dont use exploits(yes i had a mini split path a few weeks) and its not that hard but many old players attack me with 3FF+..with 3FF its too easy to win a match. xD
    At the beginning i thought wow they must be good but after 1 year you see who is good.
    now we have a nice CPU and a nice PVP. Yes its easier now, even to get all good cards. If ther increase the tactical boots, then this game only need new stuff, like you said.


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      I have not played yet but if the exploit players complain, that's a good sign.

      By fixing these two exploits I hope at the same time that the third one has been fixed too (5:30 minutes/400 BP),
      as the troops do not go back and forth, I think the 5:30 minutes are enough.

      It must be the best update ever, good job GU! team!
      PS4/Steam: odytsak


      • Liquidmicky
        Liquidmicky commented
        Editing a comment hilarious to see you always bram versus exploit, you were one of the first unfair player!!!

      • Asab_0401
        Asab_0401 commented
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        I do not understand your comment if you are one of the best defensive players in the game, maybe you are happy because finally now you will have some kind of chance to win the bases that you have never won, I do not know ... but by far it is the worst update ever made

      • Rabah_1989
        Rabah_1989 commented
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        really! ody are you kidding! i've crashed all nightmare bases that i faced, but making the game easier i don't accept that, what the point if we win easily.
        Oh, sorry for you!

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      Odytsak i'm sorry but you was losing 60% of your defense battle before this update. So i can feel you. You clearly don't care about defense battle, your defense based on missions and cpu defend. Win or lose, its the same for you. The only thing you win now is that it will be more easier than before for you vs 3 red skulls now, although I note that you were already a top player in terms of attack.


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        Hear Escobar is logical that you agree, and happy with this update looks at the average of your opponents just attack easy bases and now many became easy and are within reach of people without talent like you, Congratulations do not try to be a better attacker still supporting that make the bases easier for people like you
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        • Escobars_Hitman
          Escobars_Hitman commented
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          Asab hahhahahahaahahahahaha what is your monthly average opponent dont ask i just checked 230 odd games with a average just over 1.1 opponent i thought you said you dont attack players that low hahahahaa im laughing at you mate BIG PLAYER ASAB 1.1 average for the last 230 games for the month

        • Escobars_Hitman
          Escobars_Hitman commented
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          Last week Asab difficulty of 2.75 and you win 5 and lose 3 and you call your self a great player hahaahhahahahahahah and out of your mighty average of 1.1 for the month you won 180 odd and lost 50 hahahahahaha i cant stop laughing at you sit down lad

        • Escobars_Hitman
          Escobars_Hitman commented
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          Asab i cant stop laughing look at your defence history what a joke hahahahah no wonder you need all the exploits hahahah and you cant win even with them all hey Asab please attach your record next to mine so everyone can have a good laugh at your defence history and what you call yourself a gun i run rings around you boy

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        Hey asab why you care about this? It was your last ride.
        Stop talking about easy attackers. I can clearly say you guys arent good if you cry about these update. Copy copy copy, 1000 FF in a battle and using 21234 accounts to reach the top.
        You can say what you want, you only can win with bugs.
        Now its the time for the fair players.
        Stop complaining, you arent right.


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          Hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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            This update benefits mostly the mediocre players who have always struggled beating top real nightmares. At the end itโ€™s the developers choice. The fun of this game was to try and crack a bases weak spot, some bases had different ways to crack open and those were the fun bases to attack. Some others could be beaten with 2 paratroopers, 2 decoys and a missil yet they were classified as a nightmare because for some reason it was getting a lot of wins. There is no fun if I know I can beat any base any time, knowing there is a good chance to loose is what made it fun. The only thing that changed it is AB because now people want to win at all costs, so now it becomes a game of who has the most time to play not who can beat the best bases.


            • Maus_1908
              Maus_1908 commented
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              I get your point about hard bases, but seriously ABs have never ever been about who can beat the best bases. It was always about who uses the most exploits (base exploits, alliance member exploits) and pays and plays the most.

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            Mendoza you always talk about the bases top Players...Did you noticed that a bug doenst means you are good???
            โ€‹Like a Player a few months told you, you are a troll.
            โ€‹look into your alliance.. its almost empty, your Points on 0, so why you care about?? it seems you dont Play anymore. Maybe because they fix this game finally. =)
            โ€‹a tank trap between 2 walls makes no sense, its for Units...........
            โ€‹try to build a base without exploits, but maybe you cant.

            โ€‹i dont know what you guys trying to say. its fair to use Bugs? are you really thinking this? this is sad. even its easier now, a bug isnt a skill. oh mannnn.


            • mendoza0206
              mendoza0206 commented
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              What a mediocre player like you and a few others think of me isnโ€™t the issue. The problem is with mediocre players who just because they canโ€™t beat certain bases they demand changes just so they can win. You donโ€™t think Iโ€™m as bad as you say since you invited me to join your alliance. This game has gone thru so many changes just to accommodate the noobs who lack skill or brains to try and find a baseโ€™s weak spot. The last time I went played I got 2000 AB points and I really do y know how this is possible since I didnโ€™t even have veterans, maybe just noobs attacked my base.

            • ZonaDeFuego
              ZonaDeFuego commented
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              Mediocre? I beat almost every base with 1 or max 2 FF, my K/D isnt bad. You speak to a wall.
              I disagree with you or your Group of old super mega Player. lol
              I dont think you are bad but i also dont think you are very good.
              Like i said, 1 year in this game or this Forum and you see what is up.
              Its so funny to see that ppl call Players as pro even if they use Bugs.

              and btw i was inviting you where i was a low Level and because your commander and many others were not playing. its sad to see active members who spend their live for a 0 pts commander. i never would invite you again since i know how you think. xD

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            I finally gave in and designed my base like the majority of players use. It works well. Tank traps between walls and rocks and wide spaces between walls. So I'm happy. I don't use bombardiers at tank traps like the advanced players do but that's my choice. I prefer choke points with cross fire rather than bombers spamming out huge amounts of fire.

            Edit to add: I guess I was to late on the tank traps. Looks like they no longer block players
            Last edited by MonsterLoad*PC; 02-27-2018, 10:01 AM.


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              Odytsak you must be one of the only people that actually talks sense your youtube videos are class so is Bobo's videos that actually help people and show the floors in the game as well as good stuff . I dont know you i'm not sucking up just telling it how it is.
              At least you show defeats in your videos and ask permission to show other attackers unlike Cough Cough other so called experts thats respect i guess thats why your videos and Bobo's get the most viewed . Ive noticed another so called Guns Up you tube expert putting videos down by you two and i'd say thats just a bloated ego and pure jealousy you guys are driving the game forward alot more than most. And thats my two cents worth


              • mendoza0206
                mendoza0206 commented
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                I wouldโ€™ve liked to run into your base when I was playing. I always enjoyed a good challenge, sadly not many bases offered it. Maybe one day we will meet on the battlefield.

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              Originally posted by ZonaDeFuego View Post
              โ€‹I dont know what you guys trying to say. its fair to use Bugs? are you really thinking this? this is sad. even its easier now, a bug isnt a skill. oh mannnn.
              That pretty much hits the nail on the head IMO DeFuego....I have to say, the sheer volume of posts from certain peeps certainly, well, speaks volumes

              With the outright flood of tears, exactly what are you guys expecting the Devs to do?? Bow down & apply an immediate hotfix to reintroduce an exploit?? Seriously? If so, exactly how far are your heads up your _ _ _ _ _? Feel free to fill in the blanks


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                GU was released on December 5, 2015 on PS4. If tank trap blocking was not intentional, the devs would have patched this well before this new patch, no more than two years later when the majority of players was use TT.

                The devs had already dealt with the sandbag, they had destroyed 80% of the bases used by the players.

                ONCE AGAIN, after the majority of the 3 red skulls used this because we used our heads (because first we are not known to know, and second 80% of the players do not even know that the forum exists, hello risky, rip ur bomber base ^^), the devs destroy at new 80% of the bases.

                BUT THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING, LESSER, they make the game much easier.

                1. During a current rally flag and we are using FF at the same time, the soldiers only shoot after the end of the rally flag.
                2. With this new patch of path, the soldiers go straight to the defensive base. DONT NEED FF ANYMORE, just use a big squad and 4 decoy to destroy those hard base (and useless base now).
                3. BOMBARDIERS STILL ABLE SHOOT OVER ROCKS AND WALLS, and they have a better range than sniper and CHUCK NORRIS.
                4. No tank traps, no strategy anymore.
                5. BLUE SCREEN ERROR STILL HERE, and it can come during a battle. ^^
                Last edited by IsraelysGU; 02-27-2018, 01:41 PM.