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PVP Mission Map balancing questions

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  • PVP Mission Map balancing questions

    Hi, im new to the game, i started a week ago and im only lvl 25, so i dont know a lot
    I tried to do my own research but i couldnt find anything about that

    The Question:
    How does the balanching on the PVP Maps work?
    I have a base strength of 2500, and i did only buy one 4,99 thing for real money, so my stuff is not really upgraded.
    When i go PVP i get bases w the strength of 1000 as 1 skulls, but then the 2 skulls are 3-5000 and the 3 skulls are pretty much always above 4k, up to 8k
    So i can only win one skull fights, some 2 skulls but no way i can get the 6000 strength bases with my pretty bad stuff (got only a few gold perks)
    When i started, all the bases were balanced, 1 skull is below my strength, 2 skull the same as me and 3 skulls 1 k above me and i managed to do well against these bases.
    Did the game now give me impossible bases because i won a lot when i started?

    maybe someone can give me some insight on how that balancing works, because right now i can only handle 1 skull bases, and that kinda sucks

    thank you for your time

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    Hey there! Happy to give some info here. For matchmaking we use your attack rank to match you against players with a similar defense rank. So as you earn more dog tags from attacks you will be matched against players who have a comparable number of defense dog tags. This means as you win you gradually get served harder opponents.

    If you're playing a lot and winning often you'll start to notice that increase in difficulty quickly and a lot of the times the harder bases require you to come up with new strategies to win.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thank you for the information!
      Okay i see, so i guess i gotta grind up with AI fights and low bases to get better troops without having to spend real money
      Is there a way to disable the 2x exp stuff? so i can grind up without wasting the bonus exp and ammo

      and maybe you can take the level and base strenght in consideration too in that algoritm? Because i literally have a 5.5k Base with full HQ cards and veterans as a 2 skull base right now, and a 500 base as 1 skull right beside it, and i get the same card for winning
      One is impossible for me, the other dies in one wave, the balance seems a small bit off :P


      • SDS_Chase
        SDS_Chase commented
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        Matchmaking balance is a tricky endeavor, as raw base strength doesn't necessarily denote difficulty. For example, I could have a base full of high level structures that were all turned around backwards. If we went off base strength this would read as a nightmare but play like a cake walk

      • SDS_Chase
        SDS_Chase commented
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        Also, its important to recognize that the skull ratings are relative. Your 1 skull opponent could be my 3 skull opponent.

      • Meraniko*PC
        Meraniko*PC commented
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        yes, i understand, maybe in the future u will find a way
        In the meantime i just adapt to the given situation!

        As for the boost cards, is there a way to disable them?
        I like grinding, but i would really like to not wast them for it