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Have troop attack priorities been changed?

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  • Have troop attack priorities been changed?

    Before a previous update (Oct/Nov I think) troops would fixated on enemy positions purely on proximity. This was especially true for the Riots. This left troops being shot up by enemies, sniper towers and bunkers while they concentrated on mortars, tents and AA guns.
    This was then updated so that troops would concentrate on things that were firing at them, and then once things calmed down they would mop up the other stuff.

    Has something been changed in a recent update because the dumb old 'shoot the nearest thing' attitude seems to have returned to the troops?
    I'm sure all of the 'top' players have noticed this glitch being back, and have already tweaked their bases to make the best use of it again.

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      The attack priorities have not changed back, they should still prioritize attacking structures and units. It's possible particular base set ups and situations make this appear to not be the case, but I have personally seen my troops ignore AAs and mortars while focusing on units and bunkers.


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        I happened to mention this issue in my alliance and immediately had a couple of people respond that they'd notice the change as well.

        I shall try to capture a video of a glaring example for you.


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          Thank you! We'll take a look.

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        Managed to capture a video of the issue that I'm on about.
        At about 2:20 and again at about 4:20 you can see the Riots doubling back, whilst being fired upon, for AA guns.

        This would be less of an issue if the other troops made the same decision, but since they decide to attack the troops that are shooting at them rather than wander off for the AA guns they just get cut down.
        It also seems to be that troops are prioritising AA guns in front of barricades ahead of the troops at the barricades.

        I'm sure this was all sorted out by a previous update, but has crept back in.
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          Appreciate the video! I see what you mean with the riots. This has been noted and we'll investigate some specific set ups.