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Base Power Discrepancy (possible glitch)

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  • Base Power Discrepancy (possible glitch)

    Hey been meaning to post a topic about this. A few days ago, one of my alliance members, big_poppa33 a PSN player, brought this up. Someone in the alliance had attacked his base or something and the screenshot showed a different base power from what he sees when he looks at his actual base just normally.

    The base power on the campaign screen said 7,719 and his home screen said 6,259. A difference of 1,460. I don't know if its because of variables we can't see, such as the HQ cards you're using on your base or how widespread it is. Just thought I'd share it in any event, since it is a bit odd.

    And I'd also like to make it very clear that this issue has nothing to do with the last set of patches. Whatever is happening here was happening before the last major patch.
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    Thank you for these screenshots. Can you confirm that these were taken at the same time so we know no changes were made to the base which could cause the discrepancy?


    • Kenpo_Kid69
      Kenpo_Kid69 commented
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      Yes, they were and Poppa told me he didn't make any base changes at that time both those shots were taken.

    • SDS_Chase
      SDS_Chase commented
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      Thanks for the info. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

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    Hey, I think I figured it out. So when you look at your base from your home screen its giving you the total power of all the buildings, because I guess that's the only thing that really matters in terms of putting your base together.

    On the campaign map its showing your true base power because now its adding the tank traps, sandbags, barbwire, barrels. Things of that nature that aren't factored in towards your construction number limit when building your base.