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units walk through walls when they are clumped together

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  • units walk through walls when they are clumped together

    In my base there are a few walls creating a catway for the units. on one part they are blocked from the big rock, from the other side walls.
    when the units are clumped together in cpu-defending because of ... let it be.. using a teargas on a wave, some of them WALK THROUGH the rock.

    picture sizelimit is too big so im posting the pics via the links here:


    (the uploaded photo is a meme because i get a error message when i dont upload atleast one..)

    thats one bug.. they walk throug walls with a layout like that. when theres walls on both sides, they wont.
    i believe they "fall" into the rock when they are close to it and TUMBLE.
    when there are walls on BOTH sides, and a unit TUMBLEs into a wall, the unit walls through!! could provide screens too after doing 1 or 2 cpu defends.
    i have a catway of walls and when a enemy unit tumbles, it walls through the wall and shreds my sniper tower xd

    feels like when they get knocked back they clip through walls and rocks. maybe implement like a doubleknockback when they get knocked against a wall or rock
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  • Sekkonds*PC
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    i love your activity and passion in this chase probs keep it going i love the game

  • SDS_Chase
    I've seen this happen before as well. Thank you for providing these screenshots. We'll take a look and see what we can do about making sure this doesn't happen.

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