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PVP Mission Map balancing questions II

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  • PVP Mission Map balancing questions II

    Hi, i already wrote on this topic, but it has gotten even worse now
    The problem:
    My pvp map consists of only 5k and above.
    the one skulls are easy, about 1-2k but then the 2 skulls are always around 4k and the nighmare up to 8k

    that would not be a problem if i was a 6k base, but i am a 2,8 base with level 28, there is absolutely 0 chance for me to even hope to defeat a 6k base
    so i can only kill 1 skull bases, rarely 2 skull, absolutely never nightmare
    is there a trick? am i doing something wrong? shouldnt nighmare be hard instead of absolutely and totally impossible?
    is it the same for you guys? or is it just me

    will it help if i just lose 200 games to get the dog tags down? seems increadibly stupid and game ruining, but keeping to just run over 1 skull bases for the rest of my life seems also not fun
    how can i efficiently get my pvp score down?

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    I've run into the same issues. I can only kill one skull bases. On my base I made a mistake and deleted the row of low rocks that everyone uses to stack bombardiers on tank traps behind walls. I go up against 10k bases anything above 1 skull. I've finally just accepted all I can take is 1 skulls and embraced it.


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      Base power and base difficulty are two very different things. At low levels (1/30), high BP are synonymous of high difficulty. But after that high level BP usually means more time to attack and more munitions. The new campaign mode did make 2 whites harder to make veterans and now require 5 cards to beat. All you have to do is level up, get better perks and bases will get easier to beat.


      • Sekkonds*PC
        Sekkonds*PC commented
        Editing a comment
        i kinda agree to what you´re saying
        new players like me, if they dont buy with gold have very few attack cards
        if i attack with focus fire teargas and munitions im also able to beat the bigboy bases

        but the problem is that im running out of munition cards very fast, therefor im attacking without
        and if you attack such a base without munition cards (perks are good at that point, for me atleast) you dont have a big chance of winning

        i think the key is in attack cards.