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Suggestion: Defend Queue

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  • Suggestion: Defend Queue

    I started this game about 10days ago and i am level 40 already. I really enjoy the game and i love the idea.
    I like attacking bases but i really enjoy defending it!

    Unluckyly there arent much attacks. I´ve been attacked only for 8 times now and i believe i won every single time but the first one directly after starting ^^(tzz didnt even have bunkers xd, screw you longbote)

    wouldnt it be nice to queue up for defence?
    i think it would nicely fit into the alliance battles
    i mean you get a random enemy anyway right? means you cant get details of how much and what defences hes using and you cant prepare your attack cards for it

    i could earn medals for my alliance with defending instead of attacking
    maybe you implement a raw defending (watching) or an actual live 1v1 which means attacker gets a bonus on munitions but im able to use defensive abilities such as the paratroopers o.o´?

    i kinda like the idea and im playing arround with it.
    maybe you like it too give me your response

    also did you think about a skill tree? like... forcing a decision for a unit -> rocketeer either doing more structure dmg or more dmg vs units
    sniper going higher range or more dmg
    you also could combine that with veterans.. like if a unit goes veteran you can choose from 1 of the 2

    just things that my head pukes out..

    edit: why this came on my mind? because im watching every replay of attackers to improve myself and IT IS SO FUN TO WATCH THEM MAKING MISTAKES OR RUNNING INTO THE TRAPS I PLAN !!!

    imagine having this live.. mindgames
    just laughing all day if someone fails at my base because of using the focusfire too early on his rally flag would be better than attacking xD
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    ja simma denn deppert

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    As you level up, your opponents will get stronger both in defend and attack. You will win all your defends against low level players if you have a high BP. But when you start attacking higher level players your base will not stand their attacks and it won’t be as fun see your base get run over.


    • Sekkonds*PC
      Sekkonds*PC commented
      Editing a comment
      well maybe you dont enjoy it.
      also if you dont want to get ran over then just dont queue up for a defend?
      u dont need to use it if you dont like it

      but for the players who are enjoying it, ..

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    doesnt anyone like the idea too?
    let me know..
    ja simma denn deppert