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Defend Replay Bugs/Errors?

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  • Defend Replay Bugs/Errors?

    When watching my defend replays, my flag displays the attacking members flag. Regardless of attacker, the flag will display not mine, but their flag. Also it no longer displays "surrender," or "time up." Anybody else experiencing this?

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    1. i agree the flag is the flag of the enemy. just tested.
    2. the "surrender or timeup" is there still. im playing in german it says "beenden" for me which means exit/break up/finish/close in english

    but this weird looking teal flag my opponent had on my pretty base isnt acceptable! xD
    ja simma denn deppert


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      This is a known bug that we've reproduced for the flags.. We've got a fix ready to deploy. I appreciate your patience. Also, we'll check into the missing text you described too.


      • robertcr505
        robertcr505 commented
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        Cool. Thanks.

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      Watching replays on my PSN account (level 50) the only odd thing I noticed is that it says Surrender even when the attackers Truck was getting destroyed to end the attack.
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      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        Can you tell if the truck was destroyed or if the attacker actually surrendered to avoid the humiliation of watching their truck be blown to smithereens?

      • SDS_Chase
        SDS_Chase commented
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        It could be the case the final messaging is just messed up in general and is providing erratic results.

      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        I can upload video of truck getting destroyed and then it still says Surrendered. I observed it happening multiple times like this.