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Feel the healing power of the sharpshooter

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  • Feel the healing power of the sharpshooter

    Apart from 3 sharpshooters and 1 sniper tower completely eradicating 32 soldiers i noticed that they healed themselves without a medic present...Doesn't seem normal to me but i have no screenshot alas...

    I didn't even know cheaters were present in this game? I assumed those sad people occupied themselves with COD and the likes?

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    my snipers heal themselves too
    healing hats

    you can equip your units with special hats to give em bonus stats such as healing:

    translation of the hat info box = +10 healing per second
    cannot be revived by surgeon
    cannot be healed by medic
    (while wearing this hat)

    for those who cant watch the pictures cuz they are too small, here u got some links buddies:
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    ja simma denn deppert


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      It’s not just the healing hat, but there is also a healing perk...blood thirst


      • Sekkonds*PC
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        correct. totally forgot bout that since i never ever get a perk sadface

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      okay, thx
      still a bad experience seeing your whole army getting wrecked by a handfull of sharpshooters and 1 sniper tower


      • Sekkonds*PC
        Sekkonds*PC commented
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        well theres several ways of playing the game. he can spawn 3 sharpshooters or 15 grunts in that tent...
        depends on what you like more^^

        uhm.. basically you have to find a way how to kill them... thats how the game works.
        if they can shoot you at the chokepoint, maybe you just made something wrong in your attack BEFORE

        maybe you could go behind them with a focus fire, drop paratroopers or just nuke them and try to break through before they respawn

        edit: try surgeon and riot shields, and or spam some grunts between ur ranks when u send ur advanced units, so they eat the sharpshooter shots