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Alliance Battles Rewards!

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  • Alliance Battles Rewards!

    Hello my friends,
    i wanna talk about AB rewards!
    as i said before we didn't play AB S17 for the championship, we've just played for fun but what i wanna say is:
    * Last season we got the second rank with more than 174k points!
    GUNS UP!™_20180213213404.jpg
    * this season we got the seventeenth rank with more than 40k points!

    GUNS UP!™_20180307000841_1.jpg
    *the rewards are the same!
    GUNS UP!™_20180306214111.jpg
    that means we play or not we'll get the same rewards except the champion!
    for me i don't need all that rewards (ex: i can get 3 keys from pvp campaign), but i think it's boring now.
    GUNS UP!™_20180307000632.jpg
    for that reason, i suggest to make something new, something motivates us to come back strongly like the first seasons that were amazing.
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    i agree, the alliance rewards should be something special
    maybe also based on the individual players points
    like getting a pack for the gold silver and bronze emblem players too
    ja simma denn deppert


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      Agree, let's hope someone hear...


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        what do you think?


        • SD-PEER81
          SD-PEER81 commented
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          The AB Season rewards are broken down by percentage groups of Top Alliances. The Championship Alliance is the only Alliance that gets its own Championship Pack (as it should be). From there, what percentage group you're in (Top 1%, 5%, 20%, or 60%) determines which card pack you will receive at the end of the AB season. Do you have any suggestions for how you think this should be?

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        I mentioned this before along with some other players. Places 2nd-31st all get the same Legendary Alliance Pack!! Haven't heard any response.


        • robertcr505
          robertcr505 commented
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          maybe you lost it in translation. I said I "mentioned this before..." not "before you."

        • Rabah_1989
          Rabah_1989 commented
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          i know what you meant, i just wanted to say i've posted that long time ago, but there is no answer untill now XD
          (before me! i was just kidding with you

        • robertcr505
          robertcr505 commented
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          Cool. No worries.

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        It's simple
        keep that percentage of rewards, just separate the first three ranks with special rewards broken down by their score. it's a good way to motivate many alliances of trying get that rewards.