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No one is attacking my base.

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  • No one is attacking my base.

    I get attacked once, maybe twice a day, and some days not at all. It was not any better during AB season. I found something interesting when I checked the pvp leaderboard. I seems like everyone is attacking way more than they are defending. Mathematically, this is simply not possible. Where are all those poor, overrun bases people are attacking. Anyway, almost no one is attacking me. I know most players attack downward, but I have to be a one- or twoscull opponent to somebody, relatively speaking. I have tried lowering my basepower to attract more players but that does not work. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this?

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    For Defends, its all about what Attack/Defend tier your situated in. If you're on the higher end of your tier then you will show up as a higher difficulty opponent to most of the players in your tier, and vice versa. Since players get to choose who they attack, in PvP at least, whether or not you get attacked is strictly up to who selects your base. Also, remaining active in both PvP and AB battles helps to increase your chance of showing up as an available opponent for other players. Hope that helps.


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      ja simma denn deppert


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        [yorkshire accent]
        Once or twice a day! You don't know how lucky you are!
        When I were a lad I had to beg and plead, and even then I were lucky to get attacked once a week!
        [/yorkshire accent]

        The way that bases are selected to appear on the list when you choose to PvP attack, and also the selection criteria for ABs, is in a file marked 'Most Top Secret' on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard', in the cellar of SDS!
        If the contents of this file every become known to GU players then they must instantly be replaced by something far more complicated and confusing. It is believed that this has happened several times already!

        I don't know about the current rules but in the past I've noticed that after weeks of 1 or 2 a day you would suddenly hit a sweet spot in the rules, and you'd get 15-20 attacks in one day!

        But I agree with you that we all seem to do far more attacking than we do defending.
        My personal ratio is about 6 to 1.
        Looking at player stats for the top 25 all-time leaders ( I can't find a single one of them that has more defends than attacks.
        So where are the mysterious players that are getting attacked more times than they attack? Anybody? Please stand up and be counted!


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          I have in alliance season around 6 defends a day


          • Sekkonds*PC
            Sekkonds*PC commented
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            ive got over 2k points at one day and got attacked once btw

          • RolexHoster
            RolexHoster commented
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            Before i played differed last seasons and in that 2 weeks i play different ans have much more defends now

          • revzi100
            revzi100 commented
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            got attacked once and got 2k points? strange

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          Beware of the leopard... Well, take it easy.


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          How does one ascertain if their PvP base is a one, two or three skull?


          • SDS_Chase
            SDS_Chase commented
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            It is entirely dependent on who is attacking you. for some players you could be a 3 skull, for others you could only be a 1.