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Bug in the Structure Upgrade Screen?

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  • Bug in the Structure Upgrade Screen?

    There seems to be a bug, it doesn't show the actual stats if you upgrade and I noticed the bunker health is actually lower in the upgrade screen vs the current stats screen.

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    Maybe because of general contractor?


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      ZonaDeFuego, yes you are correct.

      I removed the General Contractor card on my base and the health went back to normal. So upgrading to level 16 only increases the health of the bunker, not the range, fire rate or damage. Hmm, not sure if it's worth 706k in munitions just to get 9.53% more health.
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      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        I think after a certain point, spending Munitions on structure upgrades is just pointless way for people to drain their Munitions reserves. The fact is once a Sniper Tower can one shot most attacker units, it doesn't do anything to make those shots hit harder. Same for the Bunker, the purpose is to chew up the weaker enemies (defense against grunt spamming) or use up some time taking damage while other structures / units can damage the attackers.

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      Ok, Nice.

      I dont know if you have a lvl 21 bunker but if not, its definitely worth it, to upgrade at least one bunker till the end. I recommend it.


      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        Isn't that many millions of munitions spent? I have never faced a base where I felt I lose because the structures were too upgraded. In fact the stronger the structure, the more munitions they drop when I destroy them, plus I get more Veterans. To me it seems like a poor choice to have more upgraded structures (except Walls, Tent, Mortar, and AA)

      • MonsterLoad*PC
        MonsterLoad*PC commented
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        I agree with you cusman, I can't afford to upgrade to level 21, I think lvl 16 is where I stop on bunkers and sniper towers.

      • ZonaDeFuego
        ZonaDeFuego commented
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        We're talking about 300 ammo plus. lol
        I didnt say upgrade your whole base, i meant 1.
        At this place where have 1 bunker 21lvl, he does a good job. I needed to upgrade, before he wasnt strong. Now its a big decoy. I can tell you in 90% of the cases, if they dont destroy my bunker fast, he will be a big pain. Its just my opinion.
        Build like you want.

        MonsterLoad how you can agree if you didnt tried a 21 lvl structure? just save ammo n btw if you dont like it, you can pick another bunker, believe me.

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      Okay, thanks for the tip. I'm pretty new at this game, just since October.


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        You are welcome.
        I play since 1 year now, i only can tell you, try everything. Every unit, structure, etc.. This is a funny part of GU!. And a tower and bunker lvl 21 is really nice. See you.