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how do you deal with abysmal AI

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  • how do you deal with abysmal AI

    If you ever wondered why they don't simply send out retards on the battlefield; play Guns up...
    To ensure a safe route that'll get you behind enemy lines like you're some kind of army of Rambo's you invest a Focus fire, a rocket and one of those goddamn rally flags which you seem to be gathering every goddamn game AND STILL your troops go all out like it the mother effing special olympics of War and rather take the bottleneck with barbed wire blocking everything and leading into wave after wave of brainless drooling idiots (or so i imagine) running towards the enemies with their eyes closed and a big giant bullseye all across their crotch to ensure everyone dies a horrible death and you as a "general" are left behind wondering where your army managed to find all those inbred hill billies who unthinkingly run forward like it's some kind of race to die first.
    Building an awesome base is awesome, and some of your bases are amazing but if there's anything i've learned from brazzers and tushy it's that if there's a backdoor, you take it. Sure you might send some guys down the A-sure-dead-road but only because you're setting up your evil tactical scheme...and then they ignore said theme and continue to do the exact same opposite they're supposed to.

    So yeah, frustrating...and that was against a 2skull opponent so imagine how i have to deal with 3 skull opponents. (i'll tell you; i don't...)

    What do you do when this happens....?

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    It gets better. You learn the limitations and tricks. I'm sure someone who is both better and more eloquent than I am will chime in and provide some insight.


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      Yes the AI in Guns Up! is not intelligent. That is actually standard practice in RTS / Tower Defense games. It is part of the games Balance.

      The latest set of patches have made significant improvements to nullify the more unintuitive aspects of unintelligent AI traits (circular path finding loops and inability to pass past tank traps).

      Whatever other specific issues are bothering you, upload a video demonstrating your concern and then let the developers think over whether what you are showing is a defect for them to improve or part of the games design / balance.
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        I've actually noticed a slight improvement. Given the fact that tank traps and sandbags no longer block incoming troops, it's a step in the right direction.

        Still at level 55 I cannot handle many bases over one skull. I assume I'm missing some crucial unit perk or using the unit perks I have on the wrong units.

        It's difficult to get past a well laid out base and with lots of bombardiers.

        I designed my base on those 2 and 3 skull bases full of bombardiers that I hate and I have to say it works very well. I only use 2 bunkers and 6 anti aircraft guns, 6 sniper towers and all my walls are steel and massive use of barbed wire.


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          i have no idea how to film it but it's simple: If there's a hazard free trajectory into enemy territory they should automatically pick that over going through barbed wire...
          It's not rocketscience and i think even the average american GI Joe would be smart enough to understand that basic principle.

          Through barbed wire: Death by being riddled by bullets
          Around barbed wire: Death by anything but certainly not by going slow as an elderly woman in a Mr Bean movie or episode (can't remember, she was on the stairs)v through barbed wire into the path of metal suppositories flying at mach whatever towards you to make out with your brain and or innards...

          I've never been a soldier myself and i get this principle. These ain't the beaches of normandie you know...


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            The AI has actually improved over the last updates, yes they stll arent intelligent but this is a RTS game, its supposed to be that way. What many players dont seem to get, is that when you focus fire a wall to make a path, but further down that path a sniper tower, AA or mortar may block the path outside the reach of your units, they still will go through chokepoint alley.


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              It’s all about timing, the right time to use paratroopers, the right timing to use FF and rally flag. Even the right timing to use decoy and tear gas. The AI will only do what you have it do. If you place a decoy too early in a choke point or too late then your main troops won’t survive. Tactical boots make choke points with barbed wire a walk in the park. I would suggest you take time to pay close attention to when and how your units get killed at a choke point then try to find out the right time to deploy a decoy.


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                Bombardier bases actually are pretty easy u just need to know how u do it and which units u take to battle


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                  it happens to me often, you just gota roll with it, love when my troop surround a fire barrel and shoot at it


                  • Gaaf_Allegaar
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                    or better yet, simply walk into a flaming pit of corpses of said troops who surrounded the barrel in the first place...