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Server Problems This Morning

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  • Server Problems This Morning

    Locking up on all Loading screens, has booted me out of the game 3 times in the last hour. I even rebooted my PC and still the same issues.

    Click image for larger version

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    It's really slow for me. Every screen switch is taking 10+ seconds. I guess I should be thankful that it's working at all.


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      We're looking into this right now. Thank you for the report.


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        I have the same problemes, impossible to play any party.

        is the 3.51 problems ? Wait a next update.?


        • cusman
          cusman commented
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          I was fine after 3.51 on PS4 Pro last night. Have not played today yet except checking some defend replays (Steam and PS4 Pro) in the morning and no problems there either.

          Whatever issue is there could be temporary server issue, and not a game software problem.

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        I've lost over 70 attack cards today. Unhappy is a mild understatement.


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          Got off work excited to play and find I am unable to play on Steam successfully. I get the same server error as you and it eats the Free Alliance battles and the cards I selected. Going to try on PSN at least once, but expect that will also fail (as other PS4 players are also reporting issue).

          My guess is we will have to wait for this server issue to get resolved before we can play more. Hopefully gets cleared in time for weekend wars.

          Edit: Well, I suppose can still play CPU Defend or watch replays, but trying to play Alliance Battles (on Steam) is what is giving error. I didn't try PvP Campaign on Steam.

          Edit #2: Now I have tried on PS4 Pro and both PvP Campaign and Alliance Battles are working

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            I'm trying to upload an .mp4 of the lag I'm getting. Website not letting me do it.


            • SD-PEER81
              SD-PEER81 commented
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              You can send it to if you can't upload it here. Or upload the video on YouTube then either embed it here or simply provide a link to the video on YT.

            • MonsterLoad*PC
              MonsterLoad*PC commented
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              Sent. It just shows the hour glass churning buying attack cards. Basically the game has slowed to a crawl. Then it speeds up for a bit, then sloooooow.

            • SD-PEER81
              SD-PEER81 commented
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              Got the video ML, thanks! I've sent this over to the dev team to include in their investigation.

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            All loading screens still slow AF. No crashes today, but I've only played 5 battles so far. Buying attack cards takes forever...


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              I have a problem with the defenses, my troops do not appear !!