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Please allow users to open multiple attack packs at once.

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  • Please allow users to open multiple attack packs at once.

    Many users have to open the attack pack for a long time,
    This is too time-consuming, and it is certain that the server will be overwhelmed.
    Let the attack pack open in 10 or 50 units at a time.
    The ps4 is slower than Steam, so it takes a lot of time. This hinders smooth gameplay.

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    I ll second that
    multiples of 10 would be great
    Wanna spend a million but i don't because it's boring
    buying them packs one by one


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      This is something that has been requested previously and the team has worked to make this process smoother and faster. Thank you for the suggestion.


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        This is really a suggestion for Guns Up.
        You will also need it to stabilize your gunsup server.
        Thank you for making the simulation softer and faster.
        But it would be nice if you had the ability to open multiple packs at once.
        In fact, I like Guns up and love it, but I can not play as much as before because it is hard to open a card pack.


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          lol what are you talking about? before because it's hard to open a card pack? Its 3x faster now plus cheaper.
          I dont spend so much time as before for buying and i always had problems with tactical boots card, now i have 300.
          I think the team did a good job, let them a bit time..


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            Personally I am happy with the latest change they made where they open faster and give 10 cards instead of 6 for the same 5000 munitions cost. They also didn't mess with the drop rates so it is relatively quick and easy to get the Focus Fire attack cards I am after before I can play my 4-5 matches for the day.

            I play on both Steam and PS4 Pro and they are opening quick and easy for me on both platforms, but I will admit that it is slightly slower still on PS4 Pro.
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              I agree with ZoneDeFuego and Cusman. Loving the changes to attack cards. You get them much faster and at a much better deal, but still feel like your opening packs. Very pleased with the changes in that regard.