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HQ defender cards?

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  • HQ defender cards?

    So, I force my way through the defenses, all of a sudden realizing that one of my snipers have grown to a veteran level 3. I think: "Nice, a new sniper for my base." Suddenly, a big f***ing rocket shoots out from the HQ. It soars through the sky and hits my sniper right between the eyes. Why? What was the point? This will not save you. I have a unit cap of 40, you killed one guy, 39 more are still coming your way. I have about 5000 munitions, you have three tents. I can think of only one good use of the HQ defender cards. If your main defense is put just outside your HQ, then your HQ would serve as another guard tower. In any other case, these cards just work as potential veteran killers. Seriously people, stop arbitrarily use HQ defender cards. It´s what we in the business call: a bad move.

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    HQ Defender cards might seem really powerful initially and in some ways they are. But they are also extremely easy to deal with. Tear gas will often shut them down, although not if they're running iron lungs. A decoy will always shut them down.

    Another strategy you could always employ would be to use a rally flag to get outside of their range. In your example you were using snipers with a range of 30 versus rockeeter defenders with a range of 21. So you can easily destroy their HQ from a range without their HQ Rockeeter defenders being able to retaliate. Even better if you have a focus fire to extend the range of all your units and obliterate their HQ from a range.

    As cool and as strong as HQ Defender cards might initially seem to be, by the time your opponent has reached your HQ, chances are they have alot of momentum. A few defender cards no matter how well equipped will most likely not be able to deal with an attacker's momentum from all the munitions, cards, and vets they received from destroying everything else in your base at that point.

    Another really good veteran killer to watch out for are the mortars, so you'll want to try and deal with those ASAP if you're able to.


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      HQ Defender cards have one main purpose. Namely to help you complete that annoying Mission where you need HQ kills.

      Beyond this you are probably better off improving your chances with one of the base boosting cards (more anti-air range, more structure health, more unit health, more veteran benefits, or faster spawning).

      If you don't have those, the Last Stand cards can also be better. Especially if you can manage to send out a bunch of Riots to go and take some heat and buy your other defending units & structures time to fight back against the advancing horde.
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