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Actually It's a Magazine not a Clip

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  • Actually It's a Magazine not a Clip

    Title says it all. Not trying to be nitpicky, but the term clip comes from M1 Garand and the use of stripper clips.

    A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine or cylinder of a firearm.

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    Given that Clips feed Magazines, and the benefit of the Perk is instant reload upon kill, I think Endless Clips makes more sense than Endless Magazines.

    Every unit in the game has Endless Magazines without any Hero Perk.
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      They feed magazines on mostly ancient rifles, either bolt or semi-automatic.
      • U.S. 1895 Lee and M1 Garand
      • Berthier 1907
      • Mannlicher 1885
      • Steyr Mannlicher 1895
      • Carcano 1891


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        Yeah but does the commando's gatling gun have a clip or a magazine?


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          Not a magazine so yea clips is good

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        Wrong. Minigun is a belt fed mechanism. Minigun

        A rotating-barrel Minigun being fired from a gunship during the Vietnam War.

        Technically not a "cannon", the Minigun is more correctly classified as a rotary machine gun. During the Vietnam War, the 7.62 mm caliber M134 Minigun was originally created to arm rotary-wing aircraft, and could be fitted to various helicopters as either a crew-served or a remotely operated weapon. With a rate of fire from 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute from a 4,000-round linked belt, the Minigun proved to be one of the most effective non-explosive projectile weapons ever built and is still used in helicopters today.


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          Box Magazine
          With the introduction of the 1871 Gatling, the tin cartridge boxes were replaced by a true early box magazine. Instead of being manually dumped into the hopper, the new magazine would fit and lock into the feed hopper, and included a flat spring on the side which prevented cartridges from falling out of the magazine unless it was secured in the gun, at which point the spring was lifted up and out of the way (similar to a Madsen or Johnson LMG magazine).
          Early 1871 model Gatling magazine Gatling mags of this period vary in capacity and curvature, depending on the cartridge they were designed for. These magazines also included weighted followers to help push rounds into the gun, although these were not spring loaded. Feed boxes for the 1865 model had been made with followers, but still having removable lids instead of spring catches to hold in ammunition. Early guns held the magazines at a 45 degree angle off the left side of the gun:
          Gatling Gun with angled magazine The angled magazine was located so as to allow use of the sights, which were located centrally on the gun. In 1874 this arrangement was changed, though, and the sights were moved to the right side to allow a vertical magazine on the centerline of the gun. This reduced friction in the mag, and improved feeding.
          Colt 1890 Gatling with vertical magazine


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            Cusman is right though. One of the simplest ways to remember the difference between clips and magazines is, “The clip feeds the magazine and the magazine feeds the gun.”

            The developers aren't wrong in calling it Endless Clips. Its actually called a stripper clip or charger clip, but endless clip sounds better and it gives you an instant understanding of what the perk does.