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Is this guy cheating or what? Constant credit increase + a lot of specials?

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  • Is this guy cheating or what? Constant credit increase + a lot of specials?

    Can someone please explain to me how this guy keeps getting more credits?

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    You probably haven't realized yet but destroying buildings gives you munitions
    As for the specials if you check the bottom left of your screen while attacking there's a small "clock"
    sort of speak that when it fills up it gives you a small amount of munitions or specials


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      I don't see any cheating in that video

      The attacker gets additional munitions in following ways
      • Over time the attacker continually gets additional Munitions (there is a cycle where it is something like 90, 90, 200, 90, 90, 400 that just repeats). I don't know the exact pattern but you can observe this in your own attack next time you play.
      • For any defender unit kills
      • For any defender structure destructions
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        It always follows the cycle of 3 munition drops followed by a special/card drop.

        Drops happen every 15 seconds, so you get a special every minute. The amount of munitions and the special you get for each drop seem to be completely random, so luck does play a part, although its more or less all going to even out eventually.


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          Another thing that hasn't been mentioned is he's running the scavenger perk on his grunts, which is going to increase his munition gains.