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Why no gold or munitions

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  • Why no gold or munitions

    Gday everyone, love the game. Just wondering why we dont get gold and or munitions once leveling up after level 50?
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    We figured that by the time players reached Lvl 50 they had, probably, lvl'd up their structures and base to a point where munitions and GOLD wasn't as necessary as additional Units/more structures/Special Attack Cards/etc. which can all be earned from the Epic Card Packs rewarded for Lvling up past 50.However, you can still earn GOLD and Munis from these card pack rewards. In this way, players had a greater variety of items they could earn from Lvling up past 50.


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      I personally think that GU! team are very generous rewarding an Epic card pack for every leveling up
      (also Epic card packs from daily missions and daily rations).
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        Collecting daily rations gives you lots of munitions and gold. At level 70+ I’ve received lots of gold thru PvP attack and defend and a few times I received gold 3 times in a row from daily's. Also munitions are very easy to adquire.


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          Don't get me wrong I love the fact we get the card pack but my thought pattern has it as the munitions and gold would stay but since you got to level 50 the packs were a nice extra bonus