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  • Help a brother out!

    Call me an idiot, but I've got a question! In the mission section I've seen this....
    "Score a 5x Killstreak"
    What exactly does this mean?
    I thought it meant beat or win 5 battles in a row. Guess I was wrong because nothing ever happens.
    So can someone shed a little light on this for me?
    If not, I'll just spend my gold to go to the next mission. Only problem is, the next one is 7x lol.

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    Kill/destroy 41 enemy units/stuctures without any of your own units die.
    Take a look at this.

    It's an old video, before Riot and Surgeon be in the game, it's too easy now with those units.
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


    • DREnites
      DREnites commented
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      The video helped a lot! Thnx!

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    Kill about 40 units and structures without any of your own units killed


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      Killstreaks tend to give you better rewards at the end of a fight, so its something you should always strive towards doing.


      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        Feels random to me, but if you think there is a pattern for better rewards, there could be something to it

      • mendoza0206*PC
        mendoza0206*PC commented
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        Maybe more munitions but not necessarily better rewards. I too was under the impression that attacking harder opponents yielded better rewards but what I’ve experienced and what I have seen others experience says otherwise. I’ve gotten heroes, gold, perks and keys from 1 and 2 white skulls same as new nightmares.

      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        I am thinking the PvP Campaign rewards are probably a good indicator of how it works. For instance, most of time the better rewards (Keys, Gold, Command Cards, Valor, Perks, Boosts, Dynamite, and Munitions) are under Nightmare opponents. But it is still worth checking all the opponents because sometimes the weaker opponents that tend to mostly be Common Attack Card have one of the more prized rewards.

        The Nightmare or easier opponents I go against tend to have either Perk, Command Card, or Valor as the prize. On my PSN account, I don't much care for Valor anymore either since I have everything Valor unlocks unlocked already. Too bad most of the Perks I get from PvP Campaign tend to be Accuracy or Poison Resist or Fire Resist or Steady.

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      Thnx yall! This really did help! Good luck in the AB!