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  • Alliance Battles

    Is it just me or do others think it's just a waste of munitions and attack cards?

    I see no upside to playing, and this is my first season. Base attacked, vet's health gone every day. All it takes is 2 focus fires to get thru those expensive steel walls I spent tons of munitions on that are basically sheet-rock now. No worthwhile munitions wins even with 4x cards.

    I got a lot of keys, bought a red crate and nothing in it. Buying munitions is a long-shot at best on getting decent cards. I can blow thru 600,000 munitions and it may last 1 day of heavy fighting, and recycling is not much better.

    I understand the dev's need to make money on the game and all, but Alliance battles, in my opinion, are just a waste of resources if you still have upgrading on your base to do.

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    True. The normal base raids are better as they give better rewards. Sometimes command cards, Gold perks and Keys.

    If the devs wanna make alliance wars more interesting, they should put unique hats, command cards and units into the Alliance war reward pool. That would make it more rewarding to play Alliance wars.


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      As you level up people get better and better and have more and more resources. When you join an alliance you are then facing the most dedicated players who spend more time than casuals honing their crafts and know how to beat base defenses. You being at level 61 are facing the best of the best alliance players. With the 7000+ points that you've put up you're going through a lot of alliance battles. I guess I'm more casual as I tend to just go through my 9+ free battles each day.

      I run a 400 build point base. With a 400 build point base you don't need to upgrade as many structures and thus it's cheaper to run. Most of the top bases are running some variant of the Bombardier base which are more often than not 400 build point bases. The trick to eating up attackers focus fires is making them use them. I always find it interesting when I face a base where 1 focus fire basically defeats the base.

      Others may chime in but I only use munitions to spend on attack cards. I would think common card packs are such a lottery to get anything good. Base defense and attacking 1 star bases quickly with little resources used tends to be the best way of gathering munitions. When I attack a 1 star base for munitions I use a surplus card, and stack lower munitions cards, 1k, 500k. I then use low cost troops and blow through the bases using less than 2 minutes. I earn up to 10k with each attack, but it's boring. Even the base defense is boring but it is what it is, eventually the latrine needs to cleaned out.

      Good luck to you. Sorry that you're having a rough time of it.


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        Actually alliance battles are good. More keys, more defenda example i got 28 wins 4 loses during this season other account 23wins 2 defeats and another account only 7 wina but i not play on it. And its just a trick to create good bases... Cause my commander account is on 34 win streak on defends so i really dont see ur problem. And its not waste of munitions or cards cause i use 4x munition i got every battle around 70k munition


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          + good layout and cards for attack important. + perks have alot of diamond and hero perks and opened already 3 red crates in only this season. I dont see how u blow up 600k munition... I got around 3600points and stil have enough cards for the next couple of seasons


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            I’d say also that the base hq we all ave should take a little longer to destroy for a building I think it’s power should be a little stronger realistically it’s too soft compared to bunkers n towers agree ? Nothing too drastic