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Silver / Medium Mission: Firepower (200 kills with Bunker)

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  • Silver / Medium Mission: Firepower (200 kills with Bunker)

    So at this point both my Steam and PSN accounts have not completed the Firepower Mission for months.

    Firepower Mission: 200 Kills with Bunker during Defend

    The problem is the Bunker is simply inadequate at killing. I can waste 15-20 minutes playing CPU Defend or Defend Waves and I'll be lucky to get 5 more kills with the worthless Bunker structure. I have even tried spending millions getting one of my Bunkers to be Level 20 and it still barely manages to get any kills worth talking about.

    Bunkers suck because
    • They have pathetic range of 22
    • They have pathetic accuracy where they probably miss more than 50% of the bullets they fire
    • They have pathetic damage even at Level 20 after millions of munitions spent, at just 46 per bullet
    • They have pretty slow rate of fire that never improves
    • They take long pauses to reload
    • They get shut down by Tear Gas (unlike Sniper Towers)
    • They feel like they get destroyed faster than Anti-Air
    • They are extremely expensive to upgrade without providing much additional benefit or any benefit
    Whenever I am looking for opponents in the PvP Campaign, if I see any more than 2 Bunkers, I'm pretty confident regardless of difficulty rating (or base power), this will be an easy opponent. In fact, the higher Base Power the better. Bases with more than 2 Bunkers seem to not realize upgraded Bunkers are still just munitions gifts to the attacker.

    Anybody else feel like Bunkers need some kind of buff? Alternatively they can at least remove dumb missions from rotation expecting Bunker kills.
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    Bunker placement is very important, I have faced many top ranked PvP bases that had more than one bunker and they were not a walk in the park. Units are attracted to bunkers like bees to honey, some people have figured that out and created very good bases around bunkers. So the developers need to take that into account when doing improvements. To achieve the 200 kills with bunkers I had to put about 4-5 bunkers on my base and hope I didn’t get attacked, and it did take me a while to complete. ChrisOchi from hell divers had bunkers on his base don’t know if he still does but that base wasn’t that easy to beat. Smallpaper also had a couple bunkers just to name a few that I can remember.


    • cusman
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      I personally find Anti-Air more effective distraction structure than Bunker. They are much cheaper and require less free space to place. When looking at opponents and I see 2 Bunkers, I can pretty much guess where they will be because they are used as annoying distractions at the face of the choke.

      Outside of that type of use where the attacker has to be aware of how to make their troops not get slaughtered from the distraction, the Bunker itself doesn't earn much kills. It is extremely expensive to upgrade and provides no more benefit than a level 7 or so doing the same.

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    Honestly, I don't even pay attention to the missions anymore. Some of them are ridiculous.


    • cusman
      cusman commented
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      I don't mind any of the PvP Missions. It is the Defend related ones that I just find annoying and waste of time because the Defend mode isn't worth playing more than a few times and some of them require playing Defend much more than a few times.

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    I put a bunker behind a up close and tight choke and then play the engineer command card to come heal it up. I always hate when I get that mission because my base doesn't normally have a bunker and I have to move things around to accommodate it and I usually take a loss in pvp during the time it takes me to get the mission done.