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  • Perks

    I'm curious if anyone uses the following perks?
    Poison resist
    Fire resist
    I have 3 above in diamond and I never use them but before I recycle I was wondering thoughts on these cards? More than likely when i recycle I will get 1 of the 3. Usually they way it goes.

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    You get also lower card chance too I got legendary once off hero perks n ultra off platinum better to put on other troops like medic or surgeon as this keeps em in the game. Jus my opinion bud


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      My thoughts

      You will wish you had kept your Fire Resistance if
      • If they ever add structures that deal out Flame damage
      • If they even make Flamers stop doing self-destruction (friendly fire always on) even without Decoy
      Poison Resist is a great option for Defense
      • The Hero Perk of choice for nearly all players Grunts is Poison Bullets
      • This is because the way to get to the 2x Commando HQ Squad or the 2x Sharpshooter HQ Squad using Endless Clips is by using Grunts with Poison Bullets (I mean as alternatively to spawning more expensive units)
      • Guess what happens when that Defensive HQ Squad unit starts using Poison Resist?
      Steady should be much better than it is, but this game is in active development and things could change
      • What if Steady started actually working like it is supposed to against explosive damage?
      • Try using an Engineer horde against an opponent using Grenade Launchers, Bombardiers, or Rocketeers
      • The first few may die, but none will stop moving and soon they will spread up and start unleashing Shotgun blasts into the face of those explosive defenders
      • Imagine if using Steady on Riots or other units made them similar to Engineers
      Basically it takes a lot of grind to get these, so unless you have more than 6, don't recycle 3 to get 1 potentially same or worse.
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        Thought crossed my mind at a later date if fire perk would be useful. Poison perk I do use on grunts in BA and scavenger when farming. I have 2 iron lungs which I use for defense units and honestly never thought of poison resist for defense. May keep that in mind. Good point. Steady maybe if implemented better like you said, but my fear is cashing in 3 cards to 1 of the same lol. Seems like it happens a lot and more times than not when i open a red crate it's always legendary fire resist, poison, or steady. Prolly right I should hold on to them as who knows if useful in future updates. Appreciate input.


        • cusman
          cusman commented
          Editing a comment
          Yup, #1 reason not to recycle is that high risk of trading in 3 of something to get 1 of that thing back. Sometimes even worse like it gives 1 of a lower quality of the 3 you recycled back.

          Recycling should be limited to things you really don't value at all. Like any extra Valor over say 100 or so stocked up (keep some for new units). Duplicates of Command Cards of certain Rarity when you can only use 1. Things like that.

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        I use fire resist good to take out barrels


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          Originally posted by RolexHoster View Post
          I use fire resist good to take out barrels
          I fought a Flamer base earlier today with Veteran Flamers and Tent Flamers mixed in with Bombardiers that had me wishing my troops had some Fire Resist on them. Thankfully game dropped enough Decoys and other specials I needed or my Truck would have gotten cooked.
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