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Secret unit stats

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  • Secret unit stats

    There is something strange flamers should have 50 dps but they're destroying buildings in no time when the chemists should have better dps but they're dmg is VEEEERY weak also engineers should fire like machingun because they have like 10 rof. Another thing there Is no speed stat but some units are a bit faster or slower than rest for example sniper is slow when assault is fast (both compared to grunt) so what are the answers?

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    Yeah a lot of secret stuff going on in GU! Same as some units walking faster than others, have you also noticed that some units also reload faster than others? Also others have more accuracy than others and also spawn faster than others...what gives GU?!! We demand answers...


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      Seems to be high lvl and don't understand... By secret stats I mean this stats that are not showed in for example barracks we don't have any speed stats and these 3 unit, you probably played every of them so you know what I mean. And don't be salty bro


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        I was just being sarcastic, it’s known that some units walk faster than others. Riots and assault being the fastest. Chemist is meant to kill slow by poison while flamer kills fast by burning. Maybe you haven’t faced good chemist bases but more damage for them wouldn’t be such a good idea. At close range the engineer is’s about placement. Engineers are very sturdy, and more fire power would make them OP...almost like a tank.


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          The thing with Riot speed is that whether you have Speed perk or not, it will always try to get in front of your other troops (and get as fast as it needs to do so). This is why I use Unstoppable on my Riot and Speed on my other troops. This combo lets me not worry about Barbwire for the most part. Snipers are particularly slow, but they also stay in the back. To have optimal Snipers in PvP, I suggest Speed over Reload among your perk choices and while defending, use Reload over Speed.

          As for Engineer Fire Rate of 10, I think in that case it is just count of Shotgun shells per shot. If you use a Fire Rate Perk, then I assume number of bullets can go up to 15 per shot (with high end Fire Rate Perk).

          Chemist and Flamer both have similar kind of damage stats, but the damage per second once afflicted by either Fire or Poison is very different. Fire can make units Panic and die really fast, while Poison makes them slow, cough, and die slowly. Buildings seem to have some kind of resistance to Poison damage which makes sense since they are buildings. Fire on other hand has some kind of boosted damage vs Buildings which also makes sense. I am not sure on the specifics, but these are easily observed behaviors if you use either unit.
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            Thanks for answers