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Guns Up Color Options Pls assist.

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  • Guns Up Color Options Pls assist.

    I was wondering if anyone has a list perhaps with pictures of all the different colors in this game. For hats/outfits. Thanks if anyone can help. Wether its available or wether it was a one time chance,would appreciate as complete a list as possible. Oh and as a bonus if you are able for any colors no longer available if you could say where and or how they were gotten would also b nice.Ultimately i guess the ones im mostly interested in are the ones not regularly visible/purchasable.
    Thanks again.
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    All of the color packs that have ever been offered in GUNS UP! are available in the Depot. Some of them were released for special occasions (Halloween, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, etc.) but once they were released they remained in the Depot for purchase. Hope that helps.


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      i must be mistaken because it sounds like your saying they should be available for purchase,i do see the valentines one,but not the others you mentioned. That is interesting for sure,i was mostly inquiring about the ones not available,..but perhaps they are supposed to be? I'm a little confused. Thanks for your response.


      • SD-PEER81
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        All of the ones that are currently on the Depot are the ones that were released. There are no Color Packs that were previously released that are not currently available in the Depot. Confections, for instance, was released during a previous special event. These packs weren't necessarily named for or directly associated with those special events but were released at the same time as the events' occurrence.

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      Ok so i understand what you r saying in regards to the colors representing events but perhaps not being specifically named to represent it,i can say tho the halloween colors r not available in the depot,perhaps they r not meant to b. Shrug..i dont wanna b a pain in the butt,just pointing out that the halloween ones specifically r not present,nor is apparently a charcoal color that seems to exist. Maybe they r not intentded to,i dunno,but none the less they r not there to b bought. Thanks again.


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        Ideally i was not trying to take up this much of your time SD-PEER,was just hoping someone in the community might have compiled some pictures of the rare colors. I looked and was unable to find any,so thought i'd just ask. But as it turns out perhaps something is amiss if some colors r meant to b for sale on depot but they r not. We'll see i guess. Thanks


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          Every Color is in the Color Packs except Halloween seasonal Colors,
          you can get them only by Halloween Card Packs.

          HallowsEve Color (from Purple to Orange)
          Spectral Color (from White to Purple)
          and Zombie Color (from Purple to Green)

          PS4/Steam: odytsak


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            Thanks Odytsak...,what do you kno about the charcoal color? Considering i saw it on a page of yours.


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              Charcoal color is in the Contrast Color Pack along with Crimson, Cobalt and Snowblind colors.

              IMMORTALS alliance banner has Crimson as banner color, Charcoal as pattern color and Fire as emblem color.
              PS4/Steam: odytsak


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                Thanks again,will look into it